I was feeling listless tonight so I sat down and read this book that's been in my tbr pile for weeks. It has all of my favorite things: historical costuming, lonely misfits teaming up, challenging gender & social norms, positive support structures! I loved it, highly recommend!

Image description: book cover for The Price & the Dressmaker by Jen Want depicting a young woman seamstress measuring a young prince against the silhouette of a mysterious lady

@mlemweb It is good. My kid's kindergarten is already making fun of boys wearing pink and girls with short hair. Fucking shitty society getting reproduced into little kids through asshole parents and bigoted media.

If you liked Prince and the Dressmaker, you may also like Princess Princess and all of Lumberjanes.


Thanks for the recommendations! I'm sorry your kids have to deal with our shitty society shaming them, but at least they have you as an advocate

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