@_emacsomancer @emacsen @librelounge @eylul @fredmbarros @teinturs @cwebber @mlemweb @wolftune Interesting! Didn't know that it doesn't work anymore

And yeah perhaps something along the lines of Portacle. Though, we shouldn't have to ship the entirety of Emacs: just a .emacs file that the user would drop in their home dir after installing Emacs on their OS however they wish. The .emacs file would download the required packages from (M)ELPA and set everything up the next time the user starts Emacs

@aminb @emacsen @librelounge @_emacsomancer @eylul @fredmbarros @teinturs @mlemweb @wolftune You may be interested in what Ricardo Wurmus is trying to do with "Guile Studio" git.elephly.net/?p=software/gu

The idea is to provide a preconfigured emacs that's easy to pick up for non-emacs Guile users in the way that DrRacket is for Racket users. (Or, how spacemacs is for emacs users coming from VIM, but generalized to modern IDE concepts.)


@cwebber @aminb @emacsen @librelounge @_emacsomancer @eylul @fredmbarros @teinturs @wolftune

Yeah, DrRacket is one of the reasons we chose Racket for our DH programming workshops. Since it has its own text editor and interface, we could just jump right in without having to explain emacs or VIM first and half of the tutorial was focused on Scribble, because the markup language applies Racket in a way that's easy to understand and applicable to the humanities student's daily lives

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