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Morgan Lemmer-Webber

I got my first pull request guys! This feels important somehow.

It includes extra credit if their final project contributes to an existing community outreach group, FOSS project, or to OER or the academic commons

I spent a good chunk of the day writing a syllabus for a hypothetical class that I would like to teach some day instead of grading quizzes for the actual current class that I'm a reader/grader for. Sigh.

On the up side, I've got a full syllabus drawn up for a course on digital humanities (extendabe into digital projects in other fields too) that teaches Racket and Scribble, the command line, version control, and licensing to non programmers & culminating in creating their own digital projects

... and @cwebber 's talk on network freedom!

Mastodon makes an appearance in the talk, and you'll notice that the fsf uses a mediagoblin instance to share these videos!

Hey everyone, the Libre Planet session videos are up! Here's the link to our panel on Free Software in academia!

This year, for the first time my wife went with me to LibrePlanet and saw for herself the generous and fascinating Free Software community, then at the digital humanities workshop got a friendly introduction to programming. Two disparate sides of my life have now met.

Special thanks to @cwebber and @mlemweb for their generosity, caring, and ingenuity!

@mlemweb and I ran another great "Programmable Publishing" workshop w/ Racket and Scribble today. It went well, everyone was very enthusiastic, the Red Hat office was a nice location, Ben Greenman (a Racket contributor/researcher) kindly helped as a volunteer. Lots of fun, and lots of people encouraging us to continue. Yay!

My favorite person is talking about decentralized social media at Libre planet! @cwebber

I skipped out on this morning's keynote to make some last minute additions to the materials for tomorrow. If you're in Boston and are interested in learning to program but don't have a math or CS background, you should come to our workshop tomorrow!

Our panel on free software in academia is today at 1:35 with @ritjoe

Prepping for my LibrePlanet panel and noting the irony of searching for sections on free software and open access/creative commons etc licensing in dozens of digital humanities ebooks ... that are only available through a university paywall and are locked down with DRM.