If you have need of a cat/dog shirt that stays put and is more comfortable than a cone of shame, here's the final pattern I ended up with (adjust to size). The front straps tie to the first two straps on the back so it's more like a racerback than a halter and harder for her to get her arms out of.

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She also helped me tape it up thoroughly and cover all of the gaps because: "if people see what's in there they might steal it, now nobody will know ... well, I know ... but don't worry, I'm already stocked up"

The lady in line behind me told me she was also sending people toilet paper, so I guess this is where we are now.

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I just mailed my mom a bottle of hand soap, a roll of paper towels, and 3 rolls of toilet paper. After I mentioned what was in the box (hand soap is liquid), the lady at the post office said, "luckily this is insured up to $50." I laughed before I realized she wasn't joking.


-"Something is *up* with the lizards"

-"They just woke up from extinction..."

-"You're in pretty good shape for a cat against two velociraptors!"

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Whelp, @cwebber and I just found a stash of old RPG index cards. Who's up for some out of context RPG Quotes?


I may have to change my craft-powered superhero/villain name to Prunkrocken (Splendor distaff)

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For the record, my name (in either case) would be Quasillaria

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Me: "I wish I could make bone replicas of distaffs for dissertation research but am resigned to making ceramic replicas because that's what I know how to do"

@cwebber : "I just think that you can do anything craft related. You're a crafty superhero ... or supervillain"

Conversation at breakfast
@cwebber : "Maybe I'll do docs today ... but the parts of the project that I've got done aren't a good place for a beginner to start reading docs and it might change ... so maybe I should wait to do docs"

Me: "My understanding of docs is that it's always best to write them as you write the code, that's what my programming tutor told me"

@cwebber: "... I did say that"

This photo *was* staged with the help of a hair tie to get the Tappa Tappa motion, she's obviously a good predator

Image description: Photo of the above comic next to the cat depicted in the comic as she paws at a hair tie

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Third installment of @dustyweb
and Missycat's incentive series, featuring Terminal Phase!

Image Description: comic format
-Panel one: space shooter scene with ship blowing up one enemy
-Panel two: Happy cat typing excitedly on a keyboard with text "Yeah! I got it! I'm a good predator.
-Panel three: space shooter scene full of enemies
-Panel four: Anxious cat with wide eyes, ears back, and head drawn into her neck


This photo was not staged to have her mouth open, but if you hold an index card in front of a cat ...

Image Description: Photo of the above comic with the cat depicted in the comic's mouth open about to bite it

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Second installment of @cwebber & Missycat's collaborative incentive series.

(When Missy yawns, she keeps her eyes wide open and maintains eye contact)

Image Description: comic format
-Panel 1: Miasma of anixiety to the left with an anxious cat to right with text "Ohno! A Morgan Anxiety cloud :( but maybe I can help!"
-Panel 2: Cat with mouth and eyes wide with text "HWAUGGH!"
-Panel 3: a proud cat with text "Yeah! I did it!"
-Panel 4: scared cat with arched back and text "AAH!"


(Opposable thumbs are all that stands between Missy and her ability to open the food container ... they are also helpful for typing the dissertation)

We'll all have to wait until I make more progress to see the next one ;)

Image Description: Photo of the above comic next to the cat depicted in the comic

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I've been struggling with motivation to write my dissertation. @cwebber & Missy collaborated on some incentives.

Image Description: comic format
-Panel 1: a cat running behind a wall with text "AAh! A Deadline!"
-Panel 2: a cat head peaking out from behind a wall with text "Deadlines are SCARY"
-Panel 3: a hopeful cat head with text "But Morgan can do it!"
-Panel 4: a contented cat head with text "Morgan has the thumbs!!"

Laura: "People make the mistake that they have to ration joy, that joy is finite. But joy just spreads more joy, so gobble it up, eat it like it's the good stuff"

Me: "That's a very profound philosophy"

Laura: "Thanks. I feel like having cancer, I'm under a lot of pressure to be philosophical ... But I have another philosophy which is that cancer sucks. Fuck cancer.

Laura Callahan-Hazard 3/19/1981 - 12/23/2019

Image Description: Three ladies in Renaissance garb posing for the camera

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