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Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2020!

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line via Big Blue Button!

The CFP is open through July 8 at:

We invite proposals for birds of a feather topics and 30- 60 minute talks related to ActivityPub. Register online ( or feel free to email us with questions ( )

New episode of @fossandcrafts! @mlemweb and I are joined by @vickysteeves to talk about open and reproducible research, FOSS and library sciences, and even a conversation about what the FOSS world can learn from game modding communities!

My favorite episodes are ones that emphasize interdisciplinarity and gosh does this episode ever meet that criteria!

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts we talk with @vickysteeves about opening everything in academic research (source, data, methods, documentation, etc).

It was also great to have a chat with someone whose interests in academics, computing, and fiber arts intersect so much with my own!

So, after a week and a half mostly offline due to the longest migraine I've ever had, I'm back! Still a bit photosensitive and sitting at an alternate workspace with just my laptop because my external monitor is too bright ... but we'll see how today goes

So, after a week and a half mostly offline due to the longest migraine I've ever had, I'm back! Still a bit photosensitive and sitting at an alternate workspace with just my laptop because my external monitor is too bright ... but we'll see how today goes

I'm supposed to be editing the next episode of @fossandcrafts right now, but due to the state of US politics I think the only real options are to either continue doomscrolling or all out escapism. Productivity doesn't seem likely tonight ...

And now for a VERY important episode of @fossandcrafts to me... Episode 20: Hygiene for a computing pandemic

Both handwashing and ocaps involve a kind of "Don't X where you Y" (I'll let you fill in the biological version). The evidence for ocaps is overwhelming (see show notes). Let's make computing safe!

Wash your hands, save a life.

Separate identity and authority, save a user.

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts @cwebber and I take an ambling drive through the snow dusted Berkshire mountains and ponder on the necessities of hygiene both for the real life pandemic and a computing pandemic.

Episode 20: Hygiene for a computing pandemic

How can we give users a safe and healthy computing environment?

We explore a solution with ample evidence (ocaps), and explore parallels with the (retroactively surprising) fight for handwashing acceptance.

I'm using the time I would usually be traveling during Christmas week to record demos of me spinning with various drop spindles and distaffs and dressing and weaving on the Roman 2 beam loom I built for the Experimental Archaeology Addendum of my

Really excited about the just-released episode of @fossandcrafts: "Mallory Knodel on bits and bytes and human rights"!

We talk a lot about the overlap between tech issues and human rights, so it was a real treat to have on Mallory whose job is literally about that connection! I had no idea of the historical overlap between defining human rights and defining tech standards!

This week on @fossandcrafts we talk to Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer for the Center for Democracy and Technology, about why it's important to have diverse interests represented within technical standard-making.

Episode 19: Mallory Knodel on bits and bytes and human rights

Mallory Knodel joins us to talk about being a public interest technologist at a social justice org and the (historical, even!) overlap between defining both tech standards and human rights.

Me: Shivering in a long sleeve shirt and a sweater
@cwebber : "You look cold ... Why are you cold?"
Me: "Because we have different preferences for how to heat our house in the winter"
@cwebber : Goes to thermometer, "what? it's already set at 65!"
Me: "Exactly! I'd prefer 68, you'd prefer 62, so I shiver at 65
@cwebber : magnanimously bumps it up to 66 and I go back to huddling under a blanket at my desk.


We also happened to discuss how both @brainwane and @cwebber had used their hobby skills to make fundraising materials for @conservancy . It just so happens that the Conservancy is once again in the middle of their annual fundraiser, so if you're in a position to do so, maybe consider contributing?

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This week on @fossandcrafts we talked with @brainwane about many things, including the need for representation of FOSS culture in visual and narrative arts!

Let's get crafting folks!

New @fossandcrafts episode where @mlemweb and I interview our friend @brainwane about... well, all sorts of things! Sketching, standup comedy, maintainership, learning skills in "no big deal contexts", fanvids, etc etc etc...

But also just every time @brainwane says something, I end up walking away and thinking about it... pretty much all the time. If you enjoy this episode, you might want to read more of her writings!

Episode 18: Sumana Harihareswara on sketching, standup, and maintainership

We're so excited to have @brainwane on the show! So many great topics our title couldn't capture them all... also "no big deal contexts" for learning skills, fanvids, and more!

When editing @fossandcrafts sometimes we have guests and have to do "multi-track editing" in audacity... which is a bit more work than single track. @mlemweb sometimes edits but previously only did the single track ones but I wrote up a tutorial for her... so why not share it with you?

For a long time I've said semi-jokingly, "Don't worry, nobody takes my ideas seriously." I've used that as a self-defense mechanism so that I can a) be humble and b) explore ideas that seem promising but are not yet popular.

But people seem to keep taking me seriously, especially lately... so... maybe I need a new strategy...

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