My cat is over a thousand miles away and yet she is always with me
... specifically her fur on my black dress pants
... no matter how many times I lint roll them

Thank you Trader Joe's for summarizing my decision process when I need something but the grocery store is a fifteen minute walk away

Image description: a bag from Trader Joe's featuring an image of a Victorian waman with a spoon caddy on her head and the caption "Let us count our spoons"

Spinning at the airport is
-A good way to kill time
-A way to make new friends
-An opening to explain my dissertation topic to random strangers

Image description: a spindle with red silk roving on a lap with the edges of a boarding pass

I'm finally getting around to designing my website. Is there a "follow on mastodon" icon I can use, or should I just use a regular hyperlink to my profile?

I'm building in frog/racket and it automatically has a birdsite icon built in.

I also 100% just added "code weaver" to my profile. I think it's fitting for a textile historian who also codes for digital humanities :)

A visual representation of this cross-country moving experience:

Image description: a glass rose snapped in half on a white background

Moving achievement unlocked: Sitting at our kitchen table, eating coffee cake off of real plates, with real silverware & tea that's not from a travel mug! With @cwebber

Me: Spends an hour and a half writing a two paragraph e-mail

Also Me: I could totally edit that conference presentation with multiple authors into a publishable article in two weeks

Today is our 9th anniversary, we've been together for about 15 years. We've been friends for about 16 years. That's almost half of my life. On Sunday someone asked us how long we've been together because we have an 'interesting' rapport :)

I'm just so lucky that I get to spend my life with my favorite person <3


All set up for another Programmable Publishing workshop at in Circ at 3:00!


We're printing off many fliers to hand out and we wrote "Ask me about programmable publishing on our badges, so hopefully we'll get some interested people

Google fail: When you search for "veterinarians that treat rats" and the first two sponsored ads that pop up are for rodent/pest control 😡

There was a fun mixup in the naming of my workshop, as it was suggested directly to the workshop committee via a lovely WisCon volunteer I met at , where I previously led this workshop, you will find it in the WisCon schedule as "Libre Planet"

Hey folks, I'll be running another Programmable Publishing workshop this Sunday at . This time I'm branching out of Digital Humanities and presenting Scribble as a markup language to format your fiction writing and export to other markup languages!

Apparently our movers will accept credit or bitcoin -- but only for the deposit. Then we pay 50% at pickup with a check or money order. Finally we pay the balance at dropoff with cash or money order.

The new place has a low air duct in the basement that @cwebber has already hit his head on multiple times. I made him some warning flags

Image: fabric with assorted rubber ducks with the text "DUCK! (DUCT)"

Just to clarify, I would never actually throw rocks at a living animal, this is all hyperbole

Yesterday morning I heard a bird singing and was like "Aw sweet, spring at last!"

Today I'd throw rocks at this fucker outside my window if it'd stop it from chirping

The spoils of cleaning my desk. These are just the conference badges that ended up in my desk at home, I'm positive I have a few in the car and in my desk on campus too. life

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