Reminder: There's a planning meeting for ActivityPub Conference 2020 today at noon EST (in ~13 minutes) and on irc in on freenode

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It's been a fun year and a half, but I've decided to depart @librelounge

I might continue podcasting on a different project; if so I will announce it here.

In the meanwhile, I look forward to tuning into LL as an audience member!

We've scheduled a planning meeting for ActivityPub Conference 2020 next Saturday (5/16/20) at noon EST . We’ll be connecting via mumble at: and on irc in on freenode

@cwebber and I were supposed to be on a train to Michigan right now for Penguicon2020 but for obvious reasons we're participating remotely instead

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If anybody is interested in a dissertation-adjacent session about textiles and the construction of a nostalgic past at a non-academic conference, feel free to join us tomorrow at 7:30 EST or

"The Wisconsin Army National Guard has 100s of different job training opportunities to choose from, many within your field of study!"

... What job training opportunities do you have in Art History? Is this like a Monuments Men scenario?

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I've gotten like 5 emails in the last couple of weeks from the US Army Reserves on my school email saying that if I sign up for the army now they'll reimburse my tuition for this semester. This never happened before the pandemic.

I am suspicious and wary ...

Past me (for last deadline) : "I'll just do this for now and fix it later"

Current me (new deadline) : "Oh, this part is already done, I'll just ... damnit!"

So my dissertation is ... coming along?

@cwebber just found a jar of yeast in the refrigerator and we reacted like it was gold powder.

Due to the current shortage of PPE, our buddy Dan made a tutorial on how to make respirator-style face masks! (

I'm going through my stash of fabric and making masks to donate to people in our community. Most of the cotton fabric I have is quilting fabric, so they're coincidentally rather cute.

If you have need of a cat/dog shirt that stays put and is more comfortable than a cone of shame, here's the final pattern I ended up with (adjust to size). The front straps tie to the first two straps on the back so it's more like a racerback than a halter and harder for her to get her arms out of.

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She also helped me tape it up thoroughly and cover all of the gaps because: "if people see what's in there they might steal it, now nobody will know ... well, I know ... but don't worry, I'm already stocked up"

The lady in line behind me told me she was also sending people toilet paper, so I guess this is where we are now.

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I just mailed my mom a bottle of hand soap, a roll of paper towels, and 3 rolls of toilet paper. After I mentioned what was in the box (hand soap is liquid), the lady at the post office said, "luckily this is insured up to $50." I laughed before I realized she wasn't joking.


-"Something is *up* with the lizards"

-"They just woke up from extinction..."

-"You're in pretty good shape for a cat against two velociraptors!"

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