someone: *sentence-long question*
me: *pages and pages of response*
me: *haha oops that's awkward*
me: *nervously inserting several more pages of response*
me: *thought of something else*
me: *haha apologizing again*
me: *haha one more apology*
me: *haha talk to you later bye*

You can support my work on advancing decentralized social networks at "FOSS & Crafts Studios":

A post explaining the rename:

It's still covering the same work I've been doing on decentralized social networks, but also is expanded a bit. It's a bit more obviously connected to the @fossandcrafts podcast, but also @mlemweb and I have various projects to advance FOSS & free culture we'd like to explore... so your support advances all of that!

New episode of @fossandcrafts! 32: Happy FOSS & Crafts anniversary!

In this episode, @mlemweb and I reflect on one full year of FOSS & Crafts episodes, as well as announcing "FOSS & Crafts Studios"!

Also, we updated the Patreon account for the show (which always gets announced at the end-of-show) and supporting my work... we've put them both under the umbrella of the FOSS & Crafts Studios page!

Happy anniversary to @fossandcrafts!

In this episode @cwebber and I look back on the year in review and look forward to future projects.

Bonus: a minute and a half of bloopers featuring our cat trying to steal the show!

Episode 32: Happy FOSS & Crafts anniversary!

@mlemweb and @cwebber reflect on one year of FOSS & Crafts, as well as announcing... FOSS & Crafts Studios!

I'm cleaning my office right now (gotta move past that post-dissertation burnout eventually!) and my cat found where I've been amassing her toys. Every time I look her direction she glares like she's Smaug and I'm some hobbit that's going to steal from her hoard.

Our stitch-and-bitch style "Hack & Craft" is happening now and for the next two hours! Feel free to drop in and bring a fun project to work on!

Come craft with us as we discuss user freedom!

Hack & Craft Today UTC 18:00-20:00

Today's Hack and Craft starts in just under 4 hours, hope to see you there!

I've finished the purse I've been working on in the last two meetings (finally!) So I'll probably be making a necklace or spinning.

More info:

An amazing and enjoyable episode of @fossandcrafts: @cwebber and @mlemweb give a courageous and open account on how they craft their sexual and gender identity.

It's the third week of July, which means that we'll have another @fossandcrafts Hack & Craft this Saturday from 14:00-16:00 EDT (1800-20:00 UTC).

Let's make things together!

Episode 31: Talking Pressbooks and OER with Steel Wagstaff

We're joined by Steel Wagstaff to talk about Pressbooks, a FOSS-based open access publishing platform, about Open Educational Resources (OER), and education as a fundamental human right!

New episode of @fossandcrafts! 31: Talking Pressbooks and OER with Steel Wagstaff

It was great having Steel on the show! Unshockingly, "education as a fundamental human right" and using FOSS / open access stuff to make that a reality felt like it was a perfect match with the general @fossandcrafts theme :)

Years ago, Steel Wagstaff and I met while collaborating on a Digital Humanities project at UW Madison. It was great to catch up with him him on @fossandcrafts while chatting about Open Education, Open Publishing, and maximizing the agency & potential of both educators and students!

So, by the end of the @fossandcrafts
Hack & Craft the only progress I'd made on my purse strap was fixing the mistake I'd made in warping, but we had a great turnout and some great discussions!


Happy to see the participants are discussing tech stuff and making some hand craft.

Very rare combination.

Found that craft and Foss share almost all of the philosophy.

Do it yourself
Learn and teach
Fix them yourself
Build and share

Happy to realize this.

Thanks for the good event/

@fossandcrafts team

Less than 20 minutes till our next session of Hack & Craft (a all-crafts-included casual stitch-and-bitch style meetup)!

Bring something fun to work on! Hope to see you there! :)

@fossandcrafts String together necklaces, or do ascii art for this H&C? Still haven't decided! But excited to hang out :)

Less than an hour before the Hack & Craft starts (8pm EST) and I just got back from the craft store because I ran out of black thread with about 10 warp threads left of my pattern. The second ball of thread I got must have been in the wrong spot because it was a smaller gauge :/

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