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The use of test cases as "API documentation" that doesn't show how to use the module for common bog-standard use cases, and instead brings in other unrelated CSV modules to conflate the example is particularly *chef kiss*

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The Node CSV modules are really examples of how to write documentation that makes it much more difficult to to understand an API.

tfw you realise you'd rather install a .net based web app than a php one since there's just a whole class of problems (mostly security problems) that go away if you do...

Any suggestions for a headless media server & nas I can install on Debian Bullseye? I finally got my @PINE64 RockPro64 NAS build finished and installed using the offical Debian installer... and I now I find out Kodi doesn't run headless :/

Would be interesting to know of the 8600 people who have died in Georgia, USA from COVID so far, how many would have voted for Trump. I'd bet more than half.

Might finally have all the moving parts required to get this NAS on the road:

* ARM board? Check.
* NAS case? Check.
* PSU? Check.
* Two SSDs for mirroring? Check.
* Kernel support? Check.
* Debian Installer support? Check.
* TTL UART serial to USB cable? Check.
* Arcane vendor-specific ARM boot requirements? Check.
* Out of date wiki page? Check.
* Contradictory forum posts? Check.
* Sportsball-related public holiday: Check.
* Coffee? Check.

From now on I'm never buying another laptop without being able to actually try out its trackpad first, or at least see a video of someone using it.

Passé: Never look into the private lives of your favourite bands lest they turn out to be dicks

Arrivée: Never subscribe to the mailing lists of your favourite softwares lest the developers turn out to be dicks

Ah a new WebKitGTK release, another chance to play everyone's favourite high-stakes guessing game "will the web process crash with gstreamer1.0-vaapi installed?"

Followed of course by everyone's favourite parlour game "how to debug a web process crash".


Tech people are the problem with the Internet:

“By and large, technically skilled hackers wrapped themselves in the glow of their terminals the way politicians wrap themselves up in their country’s flags. They mostly ignored the forces of industrialization re-centralizing the Internet and turning it into massive digital strip malls like Facebook.”

— The Internet was always anarchist, so anarchists must learn to become responsible for operating it

Tech bro being a tech bro 

This is pretty funny coming from the guy who re-invented NIH syndrome.

“Apple granted the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester accused of setting police cars on fire in #Seattle this summer, according to court documents.”


🥌🥌 Geary 3.38 is out! 🥌🥌

This new feature release rolls up six months of new features, bug fixes, server compatibility improvements, and translations in over 20 languages for both the interface and the online help manual, all contributed by the community.

Major new features include support for plugins, including several plugins out of the box, cleaning up messages older than the account download preference, and more.

See the full details here:


#Geary #GNOME

The hacker known as "Alex" (because that's his name) has been at it again ...

For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites.

Nothing like sitting down in the evening after a hard day's work and cosying up next to your emacs terminal to edit a diff by hand that fixes someone's non-standard Makefile so your ci can pass…

A story about colonialism and the Domain Name System:

> Diego Garcia is a case study in the ways in which secret regimes of surveillance and rendition distort geographical space. Its history is one of secret agreements and secret abuses, where the deliberate obscuration of information leads directly to the obscuration of people, and to the violence done to them.

— .io British Indian Ocean Territory

People using Emacs were filing for buffer bankruptcy *long* before people were filing for web browser tab bankruptcy.


Shruggie, aside from being the unofficial mascot for us gen-x'ers, is also an excellent litmus test for how well an app's or web site's input parsing/escaping/sanitisation code works.

Try searching for it and see how many botched jobs come up in the search results.

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