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It says a lot about reStructuredText as a fOrmat thAt evEN Its nAmE IS iN spOngeBoB cASe.

Nothing provides closure like dd'ing /dev/random over a server's old data volume.

in case you're wondering, the "master" term in git actually *does* originate from "master/slave" terminology. the term comes from an older SCM that has a "master/slave" hierarchy for repositories and branches:

Really looking forward to seeing all the hand-wringing about GitHub renaming the default git branch name from all the same people that cbf getting off it when it was discovered GitHub supports and profit from the US's torture camps.

Just installed NextCloud 19 and wow, the Collabora integration for document editing is not what you would call “production ready”.

Good to see the Python Packaging User Guide is keeping up to date with standard practice:

> tests/ is a placeholder for unit test files. Leave it empty for now.

Also, Google/YouTube, Twitter, etc:

> If you have a "friend" who works at Facebook, cut them out of your life, like you would your racist cousin.

@mjog I would love it if the fediverse had a code hosting platform.

And special mention to Gitolite, which everyone should consider if only because it's web site is so great. E.g.

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Nugh what's with FOSS self-hosted git repo apps that you can only install from binaries?! Oh they're all ones written in Go, of course. *facepalm*

At this point, if a git repo app for NextCloud existed I'd just install that, because a PHP app feels about right for this kind of swamp.

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Github: Actually profits from organisations that torture people
GitLab: Doesn't currently profit torture capitalism but is totally keen to do so
Gitea: Looks great but written in a language that is run by a cabal of techbros at the mercy of GOOG
GitBucket: Scala? Hahaha
Trac: UX and workflow that's stuck in the 00's
Phabricator: UX that's stuck in the 90s'
Sourcehut: UX, workflow and Hackernews author stuck in the 90's (apologies to

Developer seeking libre-software-friendly git host with contemporary workflow and a UX that doesn't make my eyes bleed and doesn't engage with surveillance or torture capitalism.

But also, legacy languages (C, Java < 1.8, EcmaScript < 2015, Python < 3.5) just aren't worth it.

Sure, jumping to a non-ancient language or updating to a newer language version will cost you some time coming up to speed with new features and idioms. $DEITY-forbid you may even need to do something different! But the amount of time and effort you will save in the long run is immeasurable.

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