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Pretty sure this is from a psych rock album cover that I own...

It's Wednesday. I wonder what the right way to do a for-each loop in JavaScript is today?

Summary for getting involved in a local mutual aid group during lock-down: Join Facebook.


Anyone have some pointers to decent approaches to procedural generation for hex maps? Am probably looking for an algorithm more so than a library.

I really <3 and use it all the time, but it's so terribly transactional and devoid of community vibe.

Dunno if it's deliberate or not, if it's because of its mailing list roots, or the effectively anonymous web site, or the moderation rules, or some combination of the above.

But it's sad how it compares to what people tell me is their experience of alternatives, e.g. rough trade groups on Facebook — a total lack of joy by comparison.

tfw you forget to roll back your april fool's in your protocol stacks…

> [deb] 09:57:15.0471 Geary.Imap.Net: [goa_account_1585801394_0] [imap] [authorized] [0001/] GearyImapClientConnection: RECV: * LIST (\HashChildren \NonExistent) "/" "[Gmail]"

Installing Windows 10 to test some shit out and I'm pretty sure its installation script was written by the aliens from They Live trying to pretend to be human.

Does nobody use semicolons in Javascript any more? Is having deterministic end-of-statement behaviour out of fashion again?

The really amazing thing about JSON is that it manages to be even more hostile to humans than XML is.

Jami, XMPP-based clients, other random distributed WIPs: Who knows?

So the executive summary is something like: Use Signal if possible, otherwise Wire if possible, otherwise use WhatsApp?


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Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts Meet: secured against eavesdropping, but the companies that make these have the keys, so they can access calls, as can anyone they give the keys to (employees, contractors, advertisers, governments, hackers, etc).

Skype - totally insecure. Don't use.


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Signal: Secure, but desktop client doesn't support video calls or group calling

Wire: Secure, but has a problematic privacy policy, maybe compromised by US govt

Telegram: Secure, but doesn't do video calls.

WhatsApp: Secure, but has a history of bugs that make it possible do end-runs around the security.


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So what's the current situation with secure video calling? My reading of it looks as follows:


Online mutual aid projects responding to COVID-19 have come together in amazing ways to connect and support vulnerable populations. But when collecting any data from your community, it’s important to make sure you keep it safe. Read our thoughts on how!

“Zoom collects large amounts of data in order to analyse its service and to provide businesses with useful tools,” writes @janewakefield at the @bbc.

How do folks like to back up their IMAP mail?

Welcome to April 1st. The International Day of Logging off the Internet.

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