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Has the term “late capitalism” jumped the shark?

“… as if an honest parallel can be made between the self-imposed short lunch breaks of an upwardly mobile urban millennial with two degrees and the timed bathroom breaks of an Amazon factory worker.”

— This Brand is Late Capitalism:

Do I up upgrade to Focal for Ubuntu Testing week?

“Elsevier is acting against the interests of the field and science at large.”

Hear, hear!

— Opening science: The rebirth of a scholarly journal

“I've been working on cryptographic e-mail software for many years now, and i want to set down some of my observations of what i think some of the challenges are.”

E-mail Cryptography —

Good to see Geary packaging in Debian picking up the pace again. Thanks @praveen and DKG!

The sad state of intercity rail transport really highlights how much of a corrupt backwater Australia remains.

“From showpiece to goat track: the long, dangerous decline of Sydney-to-Melbourne rail travel” —

“Ordinary people don’t exchange email messages that any powerful adversary would bother to read, and for those people, encrypted email is LARP security.”

— Stop Using Encrypted Email

Want more (direct) action? Check out:

A directory of recent success stories and ongoing direct action campaigns by the radical left in Australia.

While it's not perfect, and doesn't address the need for immediate action, the Climate Change Act is better than nothing.

Go sign the petition and email your MP (politely, and asking for a response):

Still awestruck by how forsaken the Java logging landscape is: N alternatives, all likely to be found in any sufficiently large project, all terrible ergonomics.

tfw your tram stops to reboot and you start ragging on it because "it's probably running windows" then you start seeing linux init spew...

Dino is on Fediverse too:

As for spinning an XMPP server I'd recommend keeping an eye on Snikket: as they plan to have an easy XMPP setup (they’re also on Mastodon: ).

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