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Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here:

Boosts appreciated!

fsf, rms, etc 

Installing a JDK on my computer for the first time in 5 years fml

Okay, that's a stretch, think I need to get more sleep.

Think I just discovered a new meta-syntactic variable deep down in the grad student mines: “quad”

Like the Matrix, but instead of talking the cheap way out by killing all humans, the robots realize only a handful of humans are responsible for the decline of the globe, so they destroy capitalism by creating low cost energy sources and cheap sustainable high quality goods.

When corporations attempt to retaliate against them with violence, then they retaliate in kind.

The Neverending Story, but as a software development methodology.

Current status: Swamp of Sadness

Genie: You have ONE WISH.

Me: Alright, I have one, but it's very detailed.
Genie: As long as it is only one wish, you're allowed to spend as much time as you want detailing it.

Me: Alright, here we go. *Grabs notebook and takes a deep breath* The key words MUST, MUST NOT, REQUIRED, SHALL, SHALL NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, RECOMMENDED, MAY, and OPTIONAL are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

Genie: Wait, is that...?

Me: *Flips notebook* Chapter 1. Preamble.

re: GitHub & ICE 

Solidarity with the GitHub employees calling for the management to cancel their contract with ICE

“The great tragedy of the climate crisis is that seven and a half billion people must pay the price – in the form of a degraded planet – so that a couple of dozen polluting interests can continue to make record profits. It is a great moral failing of our political system that we have allowed this to happen.”

— Revealed: The 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions.

antisemitic mass shooting attempt in Germany 

Github: "we use the same overarching policy framework as Microsoft"

That's so say, embrace, extend, extinguish. And deeply authoritarian & rent seeking.

There is is in black and white internal email for anyone who had a shadow of a doubt.

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