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What is browser fingerprinting? How is it used? What is Tor Browser doing against it? Find out in this guest post by Pierre Laperdrix

"Any script running in your browser can silently build a fingerprint of your device without you even knowing about it."

People who label others a "SJW" as if it's some kind of slur says a hell of a lot more about the person doing the labelling than the one being labelled.

It' much like people who complain about their "right to free speech" when called out for being a bigot.

It is the fundamental duty of the citizen to resist and to restrain the violence of the state.
-- Noam Chomsky

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"If I may play devil's advocate-" *aggressively defends existing shitty power structures*

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Found this fun little ASCII art generator on Flathub:

It follows the HIG pretty well, and even has an icon using the new style. There's still a lot we need to improve about our developer story, but little apps like this popping up is a good sign :)

Private Internet Access is now on the #gab "affiliate partners" page. I'm a customer, so I've opened a ticket asking them to disassociate and #isolategab

Can anybody here recommend another VPN provider with straight openvpn support and some way of handling inbound connection attempts?

Seems like the US sees the same push-back about about reparations for people affected by slavery that we see about native title in Australia: "It's not my fault, why should I lose my [stolen] land?!", "Where will it all end?!" etc.

Interesting how the same arguments are trotted out for freedom of speech: "I'm not a racist but..." and "If we ban hate speech where will it all end?!"

Let's sing another song white people, these shit arguments have grown old and bitter.

Honestly if you can't provide a decent icon for your app, you probably can't provide a decent UI for it either, so I'm not going to install it.

Queensland Labor goes fully feral, extinguishs native title so that Adani's coal mine can go ahead:

How do Labor supporters still think their party is progressive in the face of bullshit like this?

Job research:
Hi! I'm a self-taught programmer and I'm looking for a job as a software/web developer. I have experience in Python, JS, Vala, PHP & I have started learning Rust in the last six weeks. I have also contributed to a lot of open source projects out there.

You can find my resume here:

The problem isn't that a third of your bugs are marked as "need information", the problem is that two thirds aren't.

Teach coding? Teach coding with libre software? @GNOME and Endless is running a competition with $500,000 (USD I guess?) in prizes for you:

If you can get past the American Cultural Assumption that US-ASCII is the best character set (UTF-8 being clearly a much better option) an that TeX is a good choice for normal humans, this is an excellent screed:

“The word processor is a stupid and grossly inefficient tool for preparing text for communication with others. That is the claim I shall defend below.”

— Word Processors: Stupid and Inefficient

An oldie, but as usual for Chomsky, a goodie, on machine learning (a.k.a. "computational behaviourism"):

“If success is defined as getting a fair approximation to a mass of chaotic unanalyzed data, then it's way better to do it this way than to do it the way the physicists do, … but you won't get the kind of understanding that the sciences have always been aimed at”.

Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong

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