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Seriously though, all of a sudden GVariant's Maybe type make a lot of sense.

Reading the "Monad" page on Wikipedia because 5am jetlag and suddenly am all like "My god, everything is a mondad."

The number of bad takes on AI is equal to or greater than the number of people who have studied AI courses or implemented AI systems.

Reminder that HackerNews won't let you delete your account and the moderators are hypocrites. A platform that won't respect your right to delete your datais not something we should praise.

Nothing happened to prompt this other than the reminder of its awful existence

call for tenants unions 

Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here:

Boosts appreciated!

Get off a plane, remember about the Federal election, open tab to look at the results, close it again and resolve to never go back.

impact of moderation on hate speech (boost with CW) 

The conversation with Todd from Purism was completely unproductive in my mind. In his view, there are only two possible options for moderation:

• Become a complete censorship machine with a slippery slope of who can or cannot speak

• Go by the jurisdiction users are in, hiding content illegal in certain jurisdictions and then removing content illegal in the poster's jurisdiction, for example a Chinese user's dissent against the Chinese gov't would be removed.

There are two problems that I brought up that, being that:

• Purism would be participating in the injustices of those countries

• Legal but harmful content would still be allowed, thus spreading harm.

I felt completely ignored when trying to get this across to him, especially that last bit. I also tried explaining to him that a slippery slope does not exist when you have set principles that you stick to within rules, but that completely flew over his head. It also ended with him basically telling me to solve the problem with a solution that works for every country everywhere and then get back to him. So, the block & boycott of Purism continues.

In case anyone's missed it, #Florence's mattermost is open for everyone who wants to work on a community driven fork for #Mastodon.

You can join it here:

We're currently working on a living document to decide what the goal of the fork is going to be, and how we want to work, this is the best time to contribute to that! #MastoDev

I'd love to form a co-op of marginalized folks that want to work in this FOSS space. We could push actual social change forward. I don't know where we'd start, though, or who our customers would be.

Jeff Bezos made $50,000,000,000 last year, or about 2.5 million times his Amazon employees.

But no, let's blame average Americans for getting haircuts and eating at restaurants for humanitarian crisis-level lack of access to basic necessities like healthcare, affordable housing, food, non-lead-filled water, education, childcare, etc..

Fuck off.

Voting and preferences matter: If you live in a "democracy" where voting is optional and there is no system of preferences, get out there and it.

Pretty sure I just made the world's worst red Thai curry.

On the positive side, I'm the only one home and so no one will know…

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