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My co-op needs to raise cash to get (financially) sustainable again and the fundraising launch is happening Wednesday night. Come along!

This is a hilarious paper. Using OCR extract text from Paint Splatters. How much of these are "valid" perl programs you ask? 93%!

Programming is literary throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

tfw you didn't even realise you didn't have curl installed ^_^

Start contributing to GNOME at Community day in #FossNorth. Reserve your seat on the wiki and join us. For more details check the page:

Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).

Hooray! I'm now a member of the GNOME Foundation! 🎉

Thanks for the encouragement from everyone here, and for my sponsors - you know who you are. 😊

YOU: dinosaurs honked like geese? that sounds lame
ME [sneaks into your house in the middle of the night and plays the sound of a goose honking, slowed down by a factor of five, through a set of giant speakers in your basement]

It pains me to post a BuzzFeed link, but this is a Good Take: “We Built A Broken Internet. Now We Need To Burn It To The Ground.”

[Link CW: Trump, online abuse]

Living wages don’t help those who need it, income redistribution does: “The false hope offered by talk of a living wage”

Good news everyone! While producing almond milk does indeed use a shit-tonne of water, it's still better in every possible way than actual dairy milk, including greenhouse emissions:

@torproject I hope we eventually get a flatpak for Linux users. Tarballs aren't user-friendly for distribution.

Really cool to see another FOSS project on the Mastodon! Welcome, @libreoffice

BDS, Israel, Debian, link 

whats up i have a new project!!

📺 default filename tv 📺

is a youtube tv website that only cues videos that never had their filenames changed out of the camera

they've got a vibe and i love watching them, maybe you will too:

(also great for obliterating youtube's watch data profile on you)

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of weirdo tech bro replies to her posts

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