fsf, rms, etc 

@ju Yeh maybe, I'd like to try it out for Geary at least.

What's your take on it as a contributor though? Would it make a difference to you if bug reporting and discussion moved to a different forum?

@ju I take your point about as bug reporting as an avenue for contributions. Though I'm not suggesting preventing people from reporting bugs, rather moving that to a different forum.

But maybe it would be better if people could still report bugs, and comment on their own. Or maybe people who help out with support and triage on the forum could get issue tracker edit privileges, much like how developer privileges are currently earnt by making code contributions first.

@ju Well, it would cut down on both the kinds unhelpful comments that @alatiera was mentioning and others, and weed out support requests before they even hit the issue tracker.

Also, I often end up having to edit issues anyway so they reflect what the underlying problem is, if not create a new issue from scratch and start marking reports from people as duplicates of that.

Basically, it would allow issues to be organised by the developers in a way they find most useful and cut down on noise.

Installing a JDK on my computer for the first time in 5 years fml

@mathieu @alatiera Pretty much, taking the place of existing bug triage that happens at the moment.

@alatiera this might be an unpopular opinion, but tend to think issue trackers should be mostly read-only to people who aren't the project's developers. Let everyone view, vote and subscribe to issues, but otherwise use a forum like Discourse for support and informal bug reporting.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz same, but am taking out the recycling instead of working on my phd. 😅

@dadegroot @Truck Fair enough, use whichever software suits. :)

However even that old machine is overkill for a personal mail server. Mine serves about a dozen active accounts. The current memory use for the SMTP and IMAP process with 24 active connections is ~120Mb, and current 15 minute load average is 0.18 (although this VM is also hosts web, DNS, LDAP, etc services).

So if your use case is similar, you could easily get away with a 1Ghz, 1GB ARM board / cheap hosted VM.

@Truck @dadegroot Yup, seconded about using a small ARM board - uses way less power, doesn't have weird virtualisation bugs, and for things like a mail server any hardware capable of running OSX is massive overkill.

Another alternative would be to use a dedicated VM with someone like Binary Lane, even their A$4/plan would be sufficient, and you never have to worry about hardware or virtualisation issues.

Okay, that's a stretch, think I need to get more sleep.

Think I just discovered a new meta-syntactic variable deep down in the grad student mines: “quad”

Like the Matrix, but instead of talking the cheap way out by killing all humans, the robots realize only a handful of humans are responsible for the decline of the globe, so they destroy capitalism by creating low cost energy sources and cheap sustainable high quality goods.

When corporations attempt to retaliate against them with violence, then they retaliate in kind.

@Are0h This is basically my research program tbh: Develop general AIs, ask them nicely to help end material scarcity, watch capitalism implode.

@emsenn @popstar @johnpierremaeli But bringing it back to being vego/vegan, I think that will just fall out of being sustainable, since it meat is not being produced on an industrial scale, it will simply be less available, so diets will be more vego/vegan by accident.

So I don't think western low meat diets are necessarily implicated in colonialism, rather western high-meat diets are implicated by capitalism and hence colonialism as a by-product.

@emsenn @popstar @johnpierremaeli Yeah, I hope we can be sustainable. We need to get away from industrial agriculture, since that's what is driving so driving so much land clearing and food waste, and start working out what to grow sustainably, locally again. Of course, that in no small part means learning from indigenous people.

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