@cwebber Thanks for posting that.

I'm hugely sympathetic to NC as a general idea, but using strong copyleft like (A)GPL always seemed like a better approach - and that email crystallised why.

@Canageek Cheers, all good though. I have two different kinds of backups - that tinfoil hat meant I only lost a few hours work.

@alatiera @bugaevc @KekunPlazas Sounds like we really need a Flatpack for gitlab-runner, tbh :)

@ju Zotero looks and works terribly on a high-DPI GNOME 3 desktop, which isn't suprising since it's basically a Windows app "ported" to "Linux" :(

@alatiera Dealing with one app that uses antiquated text formats is probs enough for me at the moment ;)

... must... resist... urge to write my own...

Thanks Mendeley for completely ruining my dissertation's bibliography. Very helpful.

Anyone got a suggestion for a usable alternative?

@federicomena Oh okay, it just sounded like RsvgHandle still encapsulates loading state since it holds reference to CHandle?

Maybe I just need to learn a bit of Rust. :)

@bugaevc @KekunPlazas VM login access? Oh I'm so jealous! :)

What would be rather great is if we could run eg Gitlab CI locally, like flatpack-builder. Then we could test it works first without needing special privs, etc.

@federicomena Interesting read! One question that came to mind is that seems like the perfect case for the Builder pattern - make the handle object completely immutable, with an internal-only ctor, and add a builder/factory class to do the loading. So why not just do that?

@KekunPlazas @bugaevc Not specifically, but slow queues definitely don't help. :)

@bugaevc The fix/git push -f/wait for CI/debug loop is the slowest 😅

Dear science writers,

Stop enabling evil. The men targeting Katie Bouman, who was a team lead on the Event Horizon Telescope project that produced that image of the black hole at the center of M87, are not "trolls". Trolls want to get a rise out of people. These men are not just trying to get a rise out of her or anyone else.

They are misogynists. They hate women and can't stand the idea of a woman being successful in science.

Call them what they are.


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