Upgraded work laptop to Bug Sur, and its both gratifying to see Apple copying all of GNOME's interface features like headerbars and round windows, and horrifying because of the iPhone look-alike widget theme they started they started using. pretty sure there are better-done jobs on gnome-look.org.

@wjt @dadegroot I treat most things like I treat my software - don't buy commercial, mass produced products, pay people instead of companies where needed. :)

@wjt @dadegroot They're for some bookshelves - have the planks, these will let me reconfigure and deploy them as needed.

tfw a debug symbol package that's "only" 80MB seems like a reasonable size…

@mjog True. 🙂 But, too, we are missing out on either culture or process to come to a consensus of what we use to replace these decades-old legacy. At this point, we're currently far off from what seems the strength of FLOSS (collaboration over competition). 😐

@z428 Yeah it's funny, we don't have the problem of trying to support 25 year old binaries like MS does, yet some people can't let go of 50 year old init systems and 40 year old display servers.

@z428 Incidentally, I have been subscribed to the Redshift bug covering lack of support for Wayland since basically day one, and it's best characterised as a lot of people complaining Wayland and no-one (including the maintainer) doing anything about it, so it's hardly surprising it never got fixed.

@z428 Still, that guy's list is basically "screen recording is broken" (it was for a while, but that's been fixed) and "Redshift is broken" (except that GNOME added equivalent functionality years ago), which is hardly 80%. To provide some contradictory annecdata: I've been using Wayland day-to-day for something like three or four years and it's been totally fine.

@z428 Yup, definitely a worrying trend. I feel like there's a lot of parallels with the general increase in intolerance irl, tbh.

@z428 Really not sure why a site like OSNews would be posting this (aside from the click-bait). It certainly isn't news-worthy. Would they cover someone who still uses WinXP ranting about how Windows 10 "breaks everything"? Or someone complaining about recent Linux kernel versions breaking their ipchains scripts so they're still running 2.2?

Like anti-systemd cranks, best we just let children like that have a cry to themselves in the corner and get on with life imho.

Why does Glade add `can_focus` to *every widget*? 🤔

I have to say that after having to use MacOS at work for the last four months, it makes GNOME on a decent distro look pretty good.

Every piece of electronics in your house has a cost, not just in currency but in blood. Often the blood of children. Sometimes the blood of slaves. Our appetite for cheap electronics subsidized by nightmarish misery and indignity is environmentally, financially and morally unsustainable, and it's shockingly easy to forget that. That's why I fix things, that's why I buy secondhand whenever I can, that's why I won't stop banging on about the evil idiocy of unleaded solder and planned obsolescence.

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Lucky the commit bot is down so maybe no one will notice? 😅

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