Well, the Liberal's NBN might be shithouse compared to what it might have been, but at least now I have a native IPv6 connection at home for the first time in my life.

@YaLTeR Hey! Yeah we are trying to track that down at the moment. There's a couple of issues reported in GitHub already, if you can take a look and provide some feedback, that would be great.

I need a new avatar. Anyone have a recommendation for an artist I could pay to do one?

@bhtooefr @kelbot Still disagree with that assessment because whole lifecycle emissions not factored in, still prefer people on e-bikes instead of in cars though. :)

@bhtooefr Those figures don't take into account whole-lifecycle CO² output. The mining, manufacturing and maintenance costs for something like an electric car (or even an e-bike) and the infrastructure required to support them (power stations, power transmission, roads and road furniture, etc, etc) over a normal bicycle would be non-trivial.

Agreed that e-bikes (and push-bikes) should be encouraged everywhere though.

Anyone have a recommendation for a rock solid Wifi router with an Ethernet WAN port, 4×1G LAN ports, good wifi range (i.e. external antennas?), and good throughput? Can/should be as vanilla as possible, just need first-class IPv6 support, port forwarding, PPPoE on the WAN port and DynDNS.

Holy crap, just got our NBN HFC connection put in and we're getting 20Mb/s down and 5M/s up. It's like we've finally caught up to the mid 00's!

Live in Australia? Want to help kickstart renewables-based industries, given our government isn't going to? Well head right here and get investing: arrayapp.co/

Seeing the calls to switch to Safari or Firefox from Chrome (hey, have I told you about Odysseus?) I want to say once again that we should be developing new browser engines to fight the collapse in browser divirsity! We need the web to simplify!

Who's interested? I've developed a CSS engine to help you: git.nzoss.org.nz/alcinnz/styli

And I've just gotten around to blogging about it: odysseus.adrian.geek.nz/misc/2

Tiny brain: cars

Expanding brain: electric cars

Galaxy brain: no cars

@nurinoas Select a programming language and GUI toolkit for your project that works best for your own preferred platform and a reasonable programming language for it

Use Windows? Target WPF with C#. Use OSX? Target MacApp with Objective C. Use GNOME? Target GTK with Vala/Python/JS. Use KDE? Target Qt with C++. Use Android? Target the Android SDK and Java. Etc.

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