Why yes I am eating popcorn with a spoon. Why do you ask?

@AbbieNormal @Jami it's true, packaging is hard. Supporting a packaged app also takes a lot of effort. Which is why all the duplicated effort by every single distro is such a waste. I'd much rather see apps packaged for Flathub or some other distro and platform independent store.

Imagine if instead of n people packaging one app for n different distros, you had n people working on one package for all distros.

@murtezayesil I'm talking about updating to stable releases of Geary, not development releases. Updating to a stable version of some software is not cutting edge — it is literally stable.

So for a couple of years Ubuntu didn't update the packaged version of Geary so in the end it was out of date by several years, then it updated to a version that was only out of date by six months at the time, now it looks like it's going to ship an up-to-date version that is built in such a way that it won't start.

Good times!

@gnumdk Thanks! :)

Hey I was going to mention great work with Lollypop, I'm really enjoying the UI update and the suggestions/seldom played lists at the moment!

Pretty sure the only reason most people still use mice is because PC touchpads suck so hard.

Currently on the phone to Centerlink and haha, they they just aired an on-hold interstitial humlebragging about data sharing with the ATO to find and hunt down and federal cops to hunt down "welare cheats".

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So by "linking a service" to mygov, and given "services" is newspeak for a government department such as Centerlink or the ATO, it means that you're implicitly allowing these government departments to share information about you between them?

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From my.gov.au/mygov/content/html/p:

> By linking your myGov account to a Member Service, you agree that the Member Service may collect from myGov, use and disclose to myGov your personal information as set out in this privacy notice, to the extent those actions related to myGov. Member Services may have their own privacy notice that is applicable to the handling of your personal information on their records.

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Am trying to work out how much of an implicit-agreeing-to-allow-all-the-govt-departments-to-share-my-data-between-them panopticon my.gov.au is.

Any thoughts, fediverse?

PSA: If you encounter a bug in a free software project, while it might make you feel better, complaining about it on the social internest won't get it fixed. Please, file a bug report instead.

@bugaevc as for all frequentist inferences over a human population, this holds for |user base| >= ~21

Wondering if it's too late to get all the normies who I convinced to use Signal to use Jami instead...

Hot damn Holygram are good: holygram.bandcamp.com

Post-punk + new wave + krautrock + shoegaze mashes my buttons harder than a game of galaga…

Bad places for project documentation:

* blog posts
* mailing list archives, public
* mailing list archives, private
* private emails
* chat logs
* commit messages
* closed tickets
* open tickets
* letters to the editor, published
* letters to the editor, unpublished
* people's heads
* cave paintings
* DNA of custom bacteria
* interstellar probes
* value of pi

Really looking forward to remembering to never have to call `Gtk.Widget.show_all` ever again.

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