✨✨ Geary 3.34.0 out now! ✨✨

Improved contacts popover, autocomplete contacts from desktop address book, spell checker for the subject line, and a whole lot of bug fixes. It's the best Geary yet!

Now available on flathub.org


I wonder how bad it would be to just not quote messages at all when replying in Geary, then expand the tools it already had for selective quoting to make it easier to discover and use?

Geary has just adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for the project's communication channels: mail.gnome.org/archives/geary-

If it hasn't already, maybe it's time your FOSS project did the same?

⚡ Double (late) Geary release day! ⚡

New stable 3.32.1 version is out, and new unstable 3.33.1 is out as well. Dig in!


“Questionably the Best E-Mail Client for Linux?” I'd like to think so. 😊

Geary 0.13.1 – Jeremy Cheng – Medium

Pretty sweet review of Geary on the latest episode of LINUX Unplugged: linuxunplugged.com/289


Geary 0.13 is out! 🎉🎉🎉

Featuring an all new account manager, olive-buttery-smooth conversation loading, GNOME Online Accounts integration, and a lot lot more: mail.gnome.org/archives/geary-

Geary has two projects approved for Outreachy, a paid-internship programme to support people from groups that are underrepresented in tech, to help make their first contributions to a FOSS project.

The first is is looking at improving Geary's user experience with junk email, the second is looking at creating automated mail server testing for Geary.

If those sound interesting, please do apply: outreachy.org/apply

Boosts appreciated!

“Geary Mail. Tu eficiente cliente Gnome de email ✍️” youtube.com/watch?v=zsqINkpV9B drivemeca.com/geary-mail/

I don't speak Spanish, but it seems like a pretty positive review. 😎

Apparently people use one of two basic email workflows: Pile or file. When it comes to email, are you a piler or a filer?

Help improve Geary by filling out this quick survey:

Boosts appreciated!

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