“The State Government should be focused on implementing measures that protect residents, rather than treating them like criminals […]. Why couldn’t this happen in the towers? We can only assume that to the government, some lives are worth respecting while others simply are not.”

— Policing the Pandemic: Melbourne’s Public Housing Lockdown Criminalizes Those on the Margins — msf-analysis.org/policing-the-

The sad state of intercity rail transport really highlights how much of a corrupt backwater Australia remains.

“From showpiece to goat track: the long, dangerous decline of Sydney-to-Melbourne rail travel” — theguardian.com/australia-news

While it's not perfect, and doesn't address the need for immediate action, the Climate Change Act is better than nothing.

Go sign the petition and email your MP (politely, and asking for a response): climateactnow.com.au

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Fuck you, Jackie Lambie. Did you do a deal with the coalition to help you get re-elected? Or are you just a racist arsehole. Both maybe?

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Australian PM good friends with key QAnon figure. Makes sense: Doesn't believe in climate change, can totally see him believing in Internet conspiracy theories about satantic kiddie fiddlers.


Australian conservative parties call for limit on pre-polling because they can't tell people people to take advantage of it how to vote "correctly": theguardian.com/australia-news

Dear people of Australia, do you regularly read The Saturday Paper? If so, how little-L liberal is it? Am I going to get similar angles that I get from the Guardian from it, or is it actually progressive?

Even the "progressive" Victorian Labor branch is happy to bulldoze native title rights, using the same tactics that Queensland Labor is using to get the Adani coal mine built.


The Greens leading from the crossbench again, gets national ICAC bill passed in the sentate. Pretty impressive for a party that both Labor and Liberals claim aren't fit to goven. theguardian.com/australia-news

Queensland Labor goes fully feral, extinguishs native title so that Adani's coal mine can go ahead: wanganjagalingou.com.au/qld-go

How do Labor supporters still think their party is progressive in the face of bullshit like this?

> The debate is overwhelmingly framed, and overcrowded, by voices who start and end the inquiry “from a position of being in the centre”, as Toni Morrison once put it.
> It is their freedom of speech, their “right to be bigots”, no matter its consequences, that must be prioritised.

— “It's easy to argue for free speech when it's not you or your children in the firing line ” theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Oh dear: “High court rules public servants can be sacked for political social media posts”.

Of course, the root cause is that their employment contacts specified they aren't allowed to speak out against the government.


The Australian Federal Government is ramping back up "Robodebt" — speculative defrauding of people on welfare. FraudStop provides assistance to people targetted by the programme: fraudstop.com.au

If you can afford to chip in to support FraudStop, please do: getup.to/nmJ2wH7O9UL8zsA

Live in Australia? Want to help kickstart renewables-based industries, given our government isn't going to? Well head right here and get investing: arrayapp.co/

Australian superannuation costs the Government more than it would spend just paying everyone a pension, so why don't we scrap super and just pay everyone a living pension? theconversation.com/myth-buste

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