Live in Australia? Want to help kickstart renewables-based industries, given our government isn't going to? Well head right here and get investing:

Australian superannuation costs the Government more than it would spend just paying everyone a pension, so why don't we scrap super and just pay everyone a living pension?

Modern slavery, Australia 

Get off a plane, remember about the Federal election, open tab to look at the results, close it again and resolve to never go back.

Living wages don’t help those who need it, income redistribution does: “The false hope offered by talk of a living wage”

Politics, Gun control 

Oh god, Lion Nathan are buying out Four Pillars Gin. Time to enjoy the last bottle then never buy another one. :(

Domestic violence, politics 

Politics, Australia 

Racism, politics 

NSW Land and Environment Court rejects coal mine approval on social and climate change grounds:


Goddamn someone take Adani to court right now!

Australia's right-wing government using the free speech arguments to shut down progressive political dissent: “There’s no such thing as a free speech”

Men in the Liberal party that oppose quotas for women MPs to ensure gender equality are themselves beneficiaries quotas and wouldn't be in Parliament without them:

Hell yes, bring on presumed liability! “One change that’s in line with primary prevention and strong evidence of success is a move to a model of presumed liability for drivers.” — Rising cyclist death toll is mainly due to drivers, so change the road laws and culture”

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