Apparently people use one of two basic email workflows: Pile or file. When it comes to email, are you a piler or a filer?

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@mjog 0 inbox type of person, I use filters/labels and I archive aggressively.

@sonicbooming I'm a dedicated archive piler who aims for Inbox 0, but it's usually more like Inbox 1000. ;)

@mjog for personal email, pile and for professional file.

@mjog Indeed! I meant my separate work and personal emails of course. I just treat email differently when it's my personal.

@GucciPiggy Yeah I probably should have had the option for both, in retrospect.

@GucciPiggy You know if you felt like, it you could fill it out twice, one for each? There's some extra questions for piling and filing that would be interesting to know.

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