From now on I'm never buying another laptop without being able to actually try out its trackpad first, or at least see a video of someone using it.

@mjog Thinkpads T series never disappointed me, but they’re expensive

@thibaultamartin Aye I had only ever used T and X series back in the day. Then I started using MacBookPros for a while and it made me wonder what people were complaining about. Most recently I picked up a laptop from a Linux PC vendor (you know, to do the right thing) and finally found out:

The problem trackpads isn't trackpads, the problem with trackpads is PC manufacturers.

@mjog @thibaultamartin

Thinkpad T5x had the crappiest touchpad ever. Have you tried this one?

@tuxicoman @mjog never, I only used T4xx series.

T460, T460S, T470 and T480

@mjog @thibaultamartin

> The problem trackpads isn't trackpads, the problem with trackpads is PC manufacturers.

What issues do you mean exactly? I've been lucky thus far with my (few) laptop purchases, but I want to know what to look out for just in case.

@YaLTeR @thibaultamartin

There's a heap:

* Force required to click
* Noise on click
* Size (small overall and large bezel)
* Reliability (in basic pointing, false positives, multi-click and multi-touch)

PC blahpads are typically terrible in most/all of these. The trackpad on the MBP I have for work suffers from none of them. It's literally glorious to use. It's so good I have a wireless one for the desk instead of a mouse.

@mjog @thibaultamartin

> * Force required to click
> * Noise on click

Hmm, do you mean clicking without lifting the finger? AFAIK you can click by (1) lifting the finger and tapping or (2) pressing the finger down harder without lifting it, and (1) never required force or produced noise from my experience while (2) requires force by definition and from my experience produces a varying amount of noise between touchpads. Which one are you referring to?

@mjog @YaLTeR @thibaultamartin Yeah, the MBP trackpad is really amazing - seems like Dell is getting (somewhat) close to it with the new XPS devices now though, so I might get one of those (once they are available with an AMD processor :)

@mjog why are you calling them trackpads, that's Apple's lingo :(

@bugaevc I probs care more about how terrible they are to use rather than what they're called.

If it's an Apple/PC distinction then given trackpads are typically great and touchpads are universally terrible, I guess I could call the PC ones"crappads" to clarify if that helps? Or maybe "we have such low standards and cost margins we can only afford to put the mvp to market pads"? :)

@mjog "Mac vs PC" is Apple's lingo too 😐 Non-Apple touchpads are not "terrible"; I surely prefer using my touchpad (on ThinkPad E580) to my friend's one (on some recent model of MacBook Pro). Doesn't mean there's nothing to improve — there is. But it works and feels great.

There are terrible touchpads out there too, but it's not universal. You're right that it makes sense to try out a laptop before buying it, for touchpad and other things.

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