The StarLabs Lite Mk III looks pretty nice, especially the glass trackpad. Wonder if it's any good?

If it was 13" I'd be seriously considering it....

@pilum 13" @ 1920x1080 is pretty much spot on for me in terms of usability vs portability:

I go pretty much everywhere with my main laptop and usually on a bicycle, and 13" is usually small and light enough to make that trivial.

Then my workspaces are always 2-column tiled with a readable font size, which at 1920 gives a perfect ~90 chars per line. I generally don't know what to do with more pixels than that. HDPI would be nice though. :)

@pilum Would be interesting to see what they do with a 15" model though. The others look great!

@mjog Indeed they do.

As for the size, I find myself unable to do any serious work on a 13". And I've got a nice backpack for a 15" anyway. 😃

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