PSA: Every time you use the word “usage” instead of “use”, a kitten dies.

haha, as a non-native speaker, I also abused "usage", and finally realised it after it was specifically discussed at a course of academic writing I attended in Dublin.

@g My old French teacher used to say that English is one of the hardest languages to learn because the number of exceptions to the rules out-number the number of consistencies. I guess this is one of them? :)

@mjog Ultimately, by reading (even only occasionally) deliberately paying attention to wording, sentence construction, etc., one gets a better feel for what is right. I found that just a few sessions of such reading, and critically and iteratively looking at one's own writing, make a big difference. My inappropriate usage of usage :-))) was one of the things that emerged in such a process.

My feeling is that, beyonds the basics, thinking in terms of rules and exceptions can hardly lead to good writing.
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