Just discovered Flatseal on Flathub:

Along with other gems like Lollipop, Fragments, Icon Library, Colour Palette, Bustle, I'm really enjoying the renaissance in GNOME app development that Flatpak and Flathub have ushered in.

@mjog I totally agree with you. This is an example of how flatpak and are empowering Linux app developers.

Flatseal started as a weekend project and just few days later it was already published in Flathub.

This led Martín (the developer) receive early feedback from users and make frequent releases.

The result: in just a few months we have a great new app!

@jgarciao Yeah, it's great, right? Great new apps are popping up all the time.

I wonder what the main incentives are. Is it that you can put out a release and have binaries available to the public for download in less than an hour (down from waiting months or years for distros to package it)? The snazzy store front? The DIY aspect? Something else? All of the above?

@mjog (Disclaimer: I'm the main creator of the snazzy website)

I think is a combination of all of the above plus:
- A great and diverse community around Flathub (there are GNOME apps/devs but also KDEs, Electron, Unity, Godot, ...)
- The Linux App Summit and other efforts promoting Linux app development
- Some technological aspects that flatpak provide (one build for "all distros", runtimes, sandboxing, ...)


@mjog - Endless and other companies providing resources (people, infrastructure, ...)
- A lot of individuals making small/medium contributions that combined are creating a really cool project

@jgarciao Yeah that also sounds fair. I mainly see the GNOME apps because that's what desktop I'm on.

I also reckon the deep Flatpak integration in Builder, and the whole Newcomers initiative probably helps, too.

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