So for a couple of years Ubuntu didn't update the packaged version of Geary so in the end it was out of date by several years, then it updated to a version that was only out of date by six months at the time, now it looks like it's going to ship an up-to-date version that is built in such a way that it won't start.

Good times!

@murtezayesil I'm talking about updating to stable releases of Geary, not development releases. Updating to a stable version of some software is not cutting edge — it is literally stable.

What I understood from your toot was that Ubuntu updated stable branch of Geary to a cutting-edge version, which means you updated to cutting-edge version even if you didn't mean to.

Anyway, you can downgrade a package via
`sudo apt-get install <<package>>=<<version_number>>` command.
I hope this helps.

And sorry if I caused a misunderstanding by assuming up-to-date = cutting-edge.

@mjog this is why i've abandoned anything built on Ubuntu, and switched to arch.


packaging is hard 😕

I had a brief experience with Guix and I can tell you that packaging is really hard

We should probably have a database (a graph ?) of packages that is common to many (all ?) distributions

We should have some sort of Wikidata of packages and distros should tap into that

Also upstreams should sink into that, declaring dependencies as nodes of that graph

Otherwise it's simply too much work for distributors


Just to give you an example, say you want to package @Jami for Guix

Jami is articulated in 3 layes, to be built independently

The first layer depends, among other things, on OpenDHT

OpenDHT depends on several other things...

You get discouraged even before starting 😕

@AbbieNormal @Jami it's true, packaging is hard. Supporting a packaged app also takes a lot of effort. Which is why all the duplicated effort by every single distro is such a waste. I'd much rather see apps packaged for Flathub or some other distro and platform independent store.

Imagine if instead of n people packaging one app for n different distros, you had n people working on one package for all distros.

@mjog Use the flatpak version, that should solve your problems.

@mjog I worked on AbiWord for a couple summers a decade ago. A certain distro was dead set on shipping an unsupported two-and-a-half year old version of the application because the actually maintained version had "beta" in the name. When we complained, they suggested we backport features. Good to see that nothing has changed.

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