Mmm, Dino is the kind of client that makes me want to spin up an XMPP server again:

@mjog Dino is really great, as far as XMPP goes.

If you dig a bit in their github pull requests you'll find a flatpak manifest I made, which just isn't merged because of the missing gpg support.

I haven't used XMPP for a couple years now (and I'm very happy about it), so I'm not maintaining it any more, but it's ready and in a decent shape for someone else to take it over.

@mathieu Yeah, would be super useful to have it on flathub. Sadly don't have the time for maintaining the manifest myself.

Dino is on Fediverse too:

As for spinning an XMPP server I'd recommend keeping an eye on Snikket: as they plan to have an easy XMPP setup (they’re also on Mastodon: ).

@mjog It's an OK client. I just wish they took the libhandy route though

@shiba it's never too late – Geary is slowly getting there. :)

It's actually planned to happen.
libhandy wasn't a thing and thus no option for the largest part of Dino's development time ;)


@larma @mjog
Thank you both for the heads up! :D
I use to tile many windows all over the screen, so this will be very "handy" XD

@mjog wow, @dino does look nice. Time to find an XMPP server again

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