Just had another small GNOME platform contribution rejected with a tone like "you're an idiot, go away". 🙃

Maybe I'm thin-skinned, but I'm pretty sure people shouldn't have to have a thick skin to make FOSS contributions. Maybe it's a case if "if everyone you meet is a jerk, then you're the jerk", but these contributions are all borne out of needs of GNOME app development.

If GNOME is having trouble attracting developers, maybe the issue tracker is a good place to start looking for answers.

@mjog yikes, rejected on technical grounds or because the maintainer doesn't agree with a UX change?

@michel_slm Not sure it matters what the grounds are, does it? I mean, regardless of if a contribution is or isn't technically flawed, is or isn't aligned with design goals, or whatever, shouldn't maintainers assume it is made in good faith, take it seriously, and discuss it in a respectful way?

@mjog oh, I agree. I've heard some developers can be ... a bit stubborn on design though, so it's a bit less of a surprise if they don't assume good faith there, and even more worrying if it's not about design.

Ideally both shouldn't happen.

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