Just a semi-regular reminder that "Linux" isn't a platform. GNOME is a platform, KDE is a platform. Linux is a kernel.

Any web app can claim Linux support, as can Windows app running under Wine. "Native Linux" apps that aren't KDE or GNOME apps aren't native at all.


Honestly, give me your Electron "app" as a proper web app and at least I can use my own browser for it rather than a shitty chrome fork.

@mjog to be fair, Electron is not just about app distribution (over HTTP or as an installable app bundled with a browser), it also provides up all sorts of Node.js APIs for the "app" to (ab)use, like direct FS access. Web pages are sandboxed (well at least somewhat), so some Electron "apps" cannot possibly work as web sites.

@bugaevc Yup, but in that case give me a decent native app packaged for Flatpak or I'll probably go elsewhere. :)

Signal is the only Electron app I use, and only because it's the least worse messaging app that I can get normal people to use.

@mjog and I've managed to not have to use Electron "apps" at all for a few years now :)

@mjog @bugaevc I haven't either. As for the least worst messaging app, Telegram fits this pretty well IMO. Though yes, as you mentioned before, Telegram is a lot more popular in Russia than in many other places, so YMMV

@exalm @bugaevc Oh yeah, but as much as Moxie seems to rule Signal with a Putin-like iron fist, I trust him a bit more than actual Putin. ;)

@mjog @bugaevc agree, nobody trusts putin. One of the reasons Telegram is popular is because it's officially banned here because the gov wasn't able to get a backdoor. :)

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