Honesty, if Ubuntu ships Eoan with GNOME Software 3.30 again, I'm going back to Debian.

*Realises everything in Sid is still at 3.30*

Uuuuh maybe Endless? What about Arch?

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@mjog Honestly, it's all bad. Fedora is the least bad in this respect, but has a lot of weird shit too (logo extension, that horrible installer, etc.)

@tbernard @mjog running ArchLinux here, it is quite good. You just don't get the integrated experience out of the box.

You always need to spend some time learning on ArchWiki how to configure the components Gnome sits on.

@tbernard @mjog however most of the things works out of the box as Gnome just needs the default configuration shipped by the upstream.


@amdg2 @tbernard How does that old saying go? Debian for the policy, Arch for the wiki, something else for the something? :)

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