Honesty, if Ubuntu ships Eoan with GNOME Software 3.30 again, I'm going back to Debian.


*Realises everything in Sid is still at 3.30*

Uuuuh maybe Endless? What about Arch?

@mjog Honestly, it's all bad. Fedora is the least bad in this respect, but has a lot of weird shit too (logo extension, that horrible installer, etc.)

@tbernard *emoji for dumpster fire*

A minimal bootable image based on the FDO runtime is starting to sound really good right now...

@mjog @tbernard /me remembers [1] is a thing and that somewhere we have a gnome vm.

But there's so much left to be done and blocking this :/

[1]: mastodon.social/@alatiera/1018

@alatiera A blog post summarizing the current state and letting people know how they can help could be nice.

I bet a lot of people in the GNOME community don't even know about this.

@tbernard That statement is true for soooo many things :D. We kinda need a person working on blogposts / status updates full time across the whole project.

@tbernard @mjog running ArchLinux here, it is quite good. You just don't get the integrated experience out of the box.

You always need to spend some time learning on ArchWiki how to configure the components Gnome sits on.

@tbernard @mjog however most of the things works out of the box as Gnome just needs the default configuration shipped by the upstream.

@amdg2 @tbernard How does that old saying go? Debian for the policy, Arch for the wiki, something else for the something? :)

@mjog I could argue if Arch is a good candidate given it doesn't ship prebaked "experience". Following upstream and being up to date is cool but playing "choose your own adventure" with pacman not so much for ordinary users.

@barthalion Yeah, agreed.

That's why I jumped ship from Debian to Ubuntu in the first place — for the "it just works". But now with Ubuntu re-diverging from upstream again, the "vanilla" GNOME experience is doing down the drain again.

@mjog If you do give Endless a try, let me know how you get on. We'll have GNOME 3.34 in our next release (due in late October) and we've embraced the "immutable base system with few apps, everything else from Flatpaks/containers" future. Not quite "minimal bootable image based on FDO runtime" but not so far off…

@mjog That said… we're still on GNOME Software 3.2x in the currently-released eos3.6 branch. eos3.7 (internal development branch) currently has gnome-software 3.32 + a huge pile of backports from what became 3.34.

@mjog I'm confident Sid will have 3.34 soon – it's all landing in experimental.

@wjt Oh, cheers, it's slowly showing up in Eoan too. After Michael C's complaints about Ephy being out of date, hopefully everything will get updated?

Will let you know if I do check out Endless!

@mjog I think sid is on 3.30 because that's what buster released with, so 3.32 was only ever on experimental to make it simpler to ship 3.30 bug fixes during the buster freeze

@wjt Hmm, I assumed there was more coordination between Ubuntu and Debian than that (Dingo shipped most of 3.32 after all), as in packages were uploaded to Debian first then imported into Ubuntu, but maybe not?

@mjog yes, many of the same people upload many of the same packages, but on the Debian side they ended up in experimental rather than sid because of the buster freeze

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