Another curious point about the recent Purism blow-ups is why nobody is taking Eugen to task for implementing the removal of reporting/mod features in the first place. This is someone who has a huge influence in the Fediverse by nature of the popularity of Mastodon, yet was happy to remove these essential features for a paycheque? 🤔

@mjog people are, you may not be seeing them, though.

@mjog yea they have been asked many times now. they have already been asking people to stop asking them.

@mjog well it's not like he removed them from Mastodon proper

@bugaevc True, but it still affects people in other systems nonetheless.

So either he thinks it's an important feature but was willing to remove it on being paid to do so, or just doesn't think it was important feature. So either he not actually behind making Mastodon and the Fediverse a safer place, or is he is willing to compromise the systems which are in place to that end, just to make some money. Either way is somewhat worrisome.

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