Curious about the number of people commenting about these apps Purism is forking and rebranding, but not about Elementary doing same. Both contribute back upstream, but one has the right to and the other doesn't?

@mjog in this case, it's about the Android apps they forked without contribution nor credit for the developers. There's also the fact that they completely disabled reports on their Social instance. So we can't report bad actors to them, and their users can't report bad actors.
@mjog See which is a post from a maintainer on Tusk, the app they rebranded as Librem Social.
@mjog the big issue is that they market these as their apps in this instance, as part of their service bundle. The original authors receive no publicity or acknowledgement currently on their announcement page.

@brainblasted Yeah disabling reports and mod tools is a terrible idea. Did the Android forks involve removing credits though? If not I'm not seeing how that's different from say E's fork of e.g. Epiphany, etc.

@mjog downloading the Librem Social app, there is no mention of the original Tusky or it's authors, nor it's status as a fork.

@brainblasted Which is maybe an oversight and hence they should be given a chance to fix it, or maybe not and hence a shitty and possibly non-compliant move on their part (I'm not sure either way), but I don't think any of the E apps, web site etc., do/did give credit to their original forks either, hence wondering why one case is seemly fine and there not.

@mjog In this case, I think the issue is the sum of issues. No credits, no mentions, and no contact with the upstreams. Elementary as you said participates in upstream projects, and Purism participates in upstream GNOME. That didn't happen here.

I'll download an Elementary VM to test

@brainblasted E does work with upstream now, but that wasn't the case when they first started asking for money for what was (at the time) essentially a set of curated apps and a custom theme. They needed the money so they could spend the time to persue their vision, and you know, make a living. That's changed a lot now of course, but E got there after people gave them the benefit of the doubt, or at least didn't complain too much about the `s/GNOME/Elementary/`.

@brainblasted In any case, Purism could certainly have handled this better. Hopefully people will give them a chance to fix it instead of piling on a company that has otherwise worked well with other FOSS projects.

@mjog seems like Elementary completely stripped out the About menu pattern

@mjog @brainblasted

Elementary's Ephy fork is thinning down, Ephy includes a lot of elementary changes upstream now. Maybe the next version will even ship it unmodified. As for About dialogs, yes, they don't have them anywhere in the system. Maybe credits are listed in the app store.

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