I invite ALL federation developers to hop into #social on irc.w3.org for conversations around the social Web. It's where a few discussions on #ActivityPub discussions occur.

I know that we have socialhub.network/ for this as well and I encourage the devs to use these places in conjunction to this one for conversations for historical and open discussion reasons.

inb4 "eww IRC"

a lot of the development of software in general happens over IRC or e-mail and it's been working amazingly well for decades

@jalcine Agreed about email, but IRC's lack of built-in support for accessing messages missed when offline makes it suck unless everyone is in the same TZ, has reliable power, network, etc.

@mjog Most channels are logged - the history bit was a solved problem. Also IRCv3 patched this bit re: history via capabilities. Just needed clients to implement it.

@jalcine Which is great in theory, but without client support, nobody can use it.

Geary promotes it's mailing list and IRC channel as the main sources of interaction with the project. I see quite often people join the channel, ask a question, get no answer, then leave. They never follow that up with a mailing list post.

I only know this because these days I access the channel via Matrix.



And the mailing list gets less random queries than the IRC channel, mostly I assume, because Mailman's UX is a mean in-joke.

So I suspect that IRC+lists are great for people already established with the project and/or familiar with the tools, but everyone else could use an easier means to communicate with libre projects.

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