"Walking in my (Electron) shoes"
Gergely Nagy writes about having to deal with hate (!!) received from people for developing on #Electron.

Since I started moving #Beast to Electron, I've also had several interesting discussions (but not
"hateful" encounters) with people claiming that it must be slow or resource wasteful compared to native toolkits, both of which aren't really true in Beast's development context. Development itself is vastly superior though.

@timj Choosing a software language is like choosing a car. Sure you can drive a SUV if all you care about is your own comfort and perceived safety, or you can choose a compact and low impact electric that is less impact for everyone.

I'd suggest that people who write software for other people to use should choose a development environment that works well with the operating environment that those people actually use, rather than chose one that makes the developer's life easier.


@timj Objections to Electron about performance miss the mark. Electron apps suck because of usability. About the many, many paper cuts on any desktop, because of lack of working accessibility.

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