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Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here:

Boosts appreciated!

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So this is what I have been working on for the last few years: – the Facility itself, not just the web site. :)

Need an experiment space for HRI research? We have one of the largest and most highly instrumented in the world, and it's available for you to use.

Well, the Liberal's NBN might be shithouse compared to what it might have been, but at least now I have a native IPv6 connection at home for the first time in my life.

I need a new avatar. Anyone have a recommendation for an artist I could pay to do one?

Anyone have a recommendation for a rock solid Wifi router with an Ethernet WAN port, 4×1G LAN ports, good wifi range (i.e. external antennas?), and good throughput? Can/should be as vanilla as possible, just need first-class IPv6 support, port forwarding, PPPoE on the WAN port and DynDNS.

Holy crap, just got our NBN HFC connection put in and we're getting 20Mb/s down and 5M/s up. It's like we've finally caught up to the mid 00's!

Live in Australia? Want to help kickstart renewables-based industries, given our government isn't going to? Well head right here and get investing:

Seeing the calls to switch to Safari or Firefox from Chrome (hey, have I told you about Odysseus?) I want to say once again that we should be developing new browser engines to fight the collapse in browser divirsity! We need the web to simplify!

Who's interested? I've developed a CSS engine to help you:

And I've just gotten around to blogging about it:

Tiny brain: cars

Expanding brain: electric cars

Galaxy brain: no cars

Australian superannuation costs the Government more than it would spend just paying everyone a pension, so why don't we scrap super and just pay everyone a living pension?

C Is Not a Low-level Language

(Long explanation on what caused Meltdown and Spectre and why we really need some new architectures.)

Spotify uses "private listening" to sell information about your mood to advertisers, who then use that to manipulate your feelings:

In a society that values money (not just capitalism!) any cost that can be externalized is free: polluting the environment is free because “the environment” has no monetary value. Hence regulations and fines and taxes. Understanding this makes or breaks a liberal position: if you want the freedom to do whatever claiming the market will fix it, or if you want to abolish regulations and fines and taxes without careful consideration, we cannot be friends.

Philanthropy is a symptom of systemic injustice, not a solution to it.

Modern slavery, Australia 

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