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✨✨ Geary 3.34.0 out now! ✨✨

Improved contacts popover, autocomplete contacts from desktop address book, spell checker for the subject line, and a whole lot of bug fixes. It's the best Geary yet!

Now available on

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Going to just leave this here, because frankly, everyone deserves to see this lovely bike.

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Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here:

Boosts appreciated!

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So this is what I have been working on for the last few years: – the Facility itself, not just the web site. :)

Need an experiment space for HRI research? We have one of the largest and most highly instrumented in the world, and it's available for you to use.

I think it's time to actually get off of GitHub for good, or at least mostly

I grow stronger with every single FOSS project that adopts a Code of Conduct.

Surprisingly little known fact: These flying anti-fascist devices can also be ridden as bicycles once jail-broken.

"The option isn't Electron vs native, it's Electron vs nothing"

Well, no. If it wasn't for #Electron, developers who want to make "apps" would actually go and learn how to make apps, you know.

Look at how native apps used to flourish on the desktop back when Electron (and the "modern" web) wasn't a thing. Look at the mobile app market, where Electron still isn't a thing.

"'Use Firefox' is actually an effective means of protest," now that Google is forcing employees to use a Chrome extension for union-busting surveillance

To be fair, I should credit having first had this pointed out by @tbernard

Honestly, give me your Electron "app" as a proper web app and at least I can use my own browser for it rather than a shitty chrome fork.

Just a semi-regular reminder that "Linux" isn't a platform. GNOME is a platform, KDE is a platform. Linux is a kernel.

Any web app can claim Linux support, as can Windows app running under Wine. "Native Linux" apps that aren't KDE or GNOME apps aren't native at all.

I can see how this is totally going to go down really well: “GNOME offers a great libre desktop experience. Please install this commercial web app if you would like to chat with us about it.” 🙂🙃🙂🙃

tfw “trusted by blockchain innovators” is the best thing you can say about your product...

I really wish companies people would stop inventing new IM/online chat silos and just fix the ones we already have.

/me looks for that post about "capitalism driving innovation" showing 16 identical SUVs, all from different manufacturers...

Deprecating IRC in favour of Matrix for Geary support and chat:

I'd rather not have to do this, but we just get way too many people dropping in with support questions then leaving before anyone has has had a chance to answer.

I've got my GNOME Shell screenshot responsiveness patch more or less cleaned up:

Now that I've got a working dev desktop session, this is much easier to test. :D

What would a “Climate diet” look like in Australia? Less meat, less dairy, less waste. More plants, more variety, more home cooking.

Any Mozillians on here? When your jobs site says "Remote US" or "Remote Canada", does that mean the position is based in said country but you can be anywhere in the world, or that it's a position only for people living in that country?

Photo of hollowed-out pumpkin with a candle inside and the word CONSUME carved into it so the eerie, flickering light shines out.

Can't wait to here all the wailing about KDE removing features from the same people that complain about GNOME removing features... oh wait they don't care they're actually just GNOME haters.

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