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✨✨ Geary 3.34.0 out now! ✨✨

Improved contacts popover, autocomplete contacts from desktop address book, spell checker for the subject line, and a whole lot of bug fixes. It's the best Geary yet!

Now available on

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Going to just leave this here, because frankly, everyone deserves to see this lovely bike.

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Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here:

Boosts appreciated!

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So this is what I have been working on for the last few years: – the Facility itself, not just the web site. :)

Need an experiment space for HRI research? We have one of the largest and most highly instrumented in the world, and it's available for you to use.

Still awestruck by how forsaken the Java logging landscape is: N alternatives, all likely to be found in any sufficiently large project, all terrible ergonomics.

tfw your tram stops to reboot and you start ragging on it because "it's probably running windows" then you start seeing linux init spew...

Dino is on Fediverse too:

As for spinning an XMPP server I'd recommend keeping an eye on Snikket: as they plan to have an easy XMPP setup (they’re also on Mastodon: ).

Mmm, Dino is the kind of client that makes me want to spin up an XMPP server again:

Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'

There is a new project to make a #FLOSS DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

The GNOME Shell/Mutter team is out today with their January progress report! Tons of exciting changes inbound

I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with Postfix from what I have seen so far.

The two main config files and its multi-service approach are daunting at first glance, but *everything* is documented - both reference docs and how-tos. Mindboggling given how shitty libre software docs can be.

Also, easiest virtual hosting and LDAP config ever. Bravo!

Count votes on paper ballots. By hand.

a software professional

Holt shit. Some dude on the bus in front of me is un-ironically using a stock app on his phone. :D :D

Oooof. Never work with kids, animals, or robots.


Will you refuse to install an application because of the programming language it was written with?

- Yes
- Conditionally (Yes, but only if there is no binary available and I have to install the language's build tools)
- No
- Other conditions: please specify

Boosts appreciated, because I find the "boosts appreciated" trick working for other people and I figured I'd try once

Maybe I should specify some requirements - needs to be able to hook in to modern anti-spam systems (SPF, DMARC, etc) ideally out of the box, support submission as well as delivery, support LDAP for auth, virtual hosting, have good support modern SMTP extensions like UTF8 and MTA-STS, be well supported by common NOC systems, etc, etc.

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