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Geary has two projects approved for Outreachy, a paid-internship programme to support people from groups that are underrepresented in tech, to help make their first contributions to a FOSS project.

The first is is looking at improving Geary's user experience with junk email, the second is looking at creating automated mail server testing for Geary.

If those sound interesting, please do apply:

Boosts appreciated!

Why not visit the Suricrasia Online Online Library? We've got uhhh *deftly picks book off top of "most popular" pile* Leveraging Unbreakable Curses For Long Term Data Storage

🌟 Fediverse.Group - a working group dedicated to anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, and anti-abuse development in the fediverse.

“Like Super Smash Bros but with cricket.“

Personally I think I like Cohen's actual version better anyway: Mythmaking, social media and the truth about Leonard Cohen’s last letter to Marianne Ihlen

MS Edge is moving to #Chromium engine. Microsoft is finally going to develop an open source browser - or at least as open source as Google does.

This is essentially a bet that the browser engine wars are over. If that's right, the only way to influence web and de facto standards is to have a seat at the chromium table.


leftists in 1949: imagine if your TV was watching you???? Secret police recorded everything you did??? That would be so awful!

leftists in 2018: all my friends use facebook so I do too

tfw you report a legit bug and the devs pile on, tell you what *your* problem is, and push a commit updating the docs to make sure you're definitely, officially wrong.

Holy crap I accidentally just typed "make" into a gdb session and it did what I expected. The future is truly here!

I'm not going to meet anyone halfway when we're talking about ideas that harm people in real and lasting ways.

There is no space for compromise when taking about systems and beliefs that advocate mass harm as a reasonable solution.

To quote Kwame Toure "In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience."

There is no such thing as dealing 'fairly' with people that have beliefs that result in your death.

And if you believe there is, you're complicit with such evil.

Lol tfw you can't just can't admit that something is good because despite everyone else also doing it GNOME also does it.

I do my best to find common ground w/ people because I prefer to be able to find where we can relate. It's my thing.

But if we can't agree cops killing unarmed children is wrong or that free speech isn't the same thing is hate speech or there is no place in modern society for a culture that wants to remove people from the planet as a solution, then something is wrong w/ you.

Different beliefs are fine, but there is such a thing as evil in the world.

Everything does not deserve consideration.

I wonder what the overlap between various groups of GNOME haters is (e.g. CSD haters, Outreachy/diversity haters, "customization" enthusiasts, icons-on-the-desktop people, etc.)

Interesting that they left out the biggest cause of death – people driving cars and other motor vehicles: “Chart of the day: You're probably not afraid of Australia's deadliest animals”

"git bisect" but for Flatpak devel SDKs would be awesome.

I guess when bird site does same, we'll have the whole set here!

Pretty depressing that the only thing that got most libre software people off G+ was the service shutting down, tbh.

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