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Michael J. Gratton @mjog@octodon.social

Apparently people use one of two basic email workflows: Pile or file. When it comes to email, are you a piler or a filer?

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Moxie Marlinspike, in his 2016 propaganda piece ignorantly bashing #XMPP, had one valid point: Enabling end-to-end encryption in a homogeneous environment is easier than introducing it in a heterogeneous #Jabber. Nobody is denying that. However, if something is hard to achieve, either try your best and don’t give up, or put your head in the sand and create yet another walled garden that is no different from other proprietary solutions.

The rocky road to #OMEMO by default

I think I am a bit late to the game, but wow, Geary email client is looking and working great for me. Thanks @mjog, #Yorba, and the rest of #Geary developers!

Developers, it's almost 2018! Better get ready to update all of the copyright headers in your source files as soon as the clock strikes midnight, otherwise the source fairy will come and steal your trade secrets!