Anyone know what's up with It's been down for a while (some days, at least).

Okay here's a real toot that you can actually boost without people looking at you like you're crazy.

The past few weeks (okay, ever since the schism) I've felt kind of disenchanted by Mastodon and especially its development environment, and I wrote an essay about why that is. It's long, but if you're interested in Mastodon's history or politics you should give it a read.

Empowerment Of Women Worldwide Key To Achieving Competing Goals Of Food Sufficiency And Biodiversity Protection

Universal punchcard-based Turing machine implemented in Powerpoint animations

"It seems strange to have to assert that increasing access to knowledge is more likely to present benefits to society than not, but that appears to be the state of the debate in 2017. The shock of the Trump vote, and the Brexit vote, has produced an understandable hunger for explanation, accompanied by a crisis of intellectual confidence."

That's a cool display of connected Mastodon instances

If someone knows which software this was done with, I'd appreciate a pointer.

h/t @bitcoinmom (via @Wintermute)

You guys know that you can make direct posts to @translator right. Like you don't have to post to the public timeline every time you want to translate something lol.

Does anyone know an instance that uses black text on white background (or similar)? And a larger font size? Or are there any Stylish things for that? Asking bc of someone who wanted to try mastodon and can't use it with the default theme #accessibility

@woozle did you just get a new toot from me? I replied to yours but modified the status to unlisted but it doesn't appear even in my home stream.

capitalism is literally about to end human life on the planet and people are like This could really create a lot of jobs

Open-source software are like women.

They must do better than the other to be considered equal...

This is annoying..

We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE

Hi, I'm Kate. I write fiction (F/SF). Still working on that submission thing.

I'm also a scientist who does computational biology. Right now I am studying the 3D structure of DNA and trying to understand how it affects genes turning on and off.

I'm also a Canadian who recently moved to the US (Seattle, specifically). I'm pretty fond of ice cream, coffee AND tea, my husband, my cat, riding my bike, and lazy hiking (the kind where you don't climb a mountain).


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