Content Moderation is hard and we need to start treating it as such.

(Also a huge shout-out to the countless folks on the Fediverse that make this place what it is by doing the thankless task of content moderation and community management. You keep this place alive and we couldn't do it without you.)

Mental Health 

Boundaries all feel like ultimatums when you're use being told having them is having an ultimatum.

tired: me
wired: me on coffee
inspired: envisioning asking Mitch McConnell to please part the folds on his neck so it’ll fit more snugly in the guillotine hole

peeing on things as a sign of dominance is valid. Have I missed anything? (heh)

RT Love this via 's Tumblr. Dutch resistance members hear of Hitler's death


i used to be a lit major like you...

till i took a Derrida to the knee

Broke: using lorem ipsum for attempting bug repros of display issues in document based applications
Woke: using the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyrics

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