Wikipedia warns us that this won't be the last time that this thing happens to GameStop

It's weird to read the words “15 years ago” below a YouTube thumbnail. I mean, yes, it's a 15 year old video – but my brain has a hard time accepting the concept.

(CW'd for eye contact in thumbnail.)

Either the metadata on Spotify are wrong, or these two artists are the pioneers of electronica

mobility during the pandemic, Rhine-Ruhr 

Citymapper has a mobility index that describes the percentage of people using local transit in several regions, compared to pre-pandemic data.

There appears to have been an enormous increase of local transit usage in the Rhine-Ruhr region in the last weekend, with almost twice as many people using public transportation last Saturday than before the pandemic.

This must be a glitch, right?

uspol, Parler leak, bad programming 

As you might expect from Parler, it has users in Null Island

Bean Dad (eye contact in picture) 

Do you remember the guy who grew without stable parents around and decided to make YouTube videos teaching people how to do household stuff? Well, this is his latest video

I just found out that the 🅴 symbol that the Spotify app adds at the end of the song titles in the screen lock widget player means that the song contains explicit lyrics.

I thought it was a Unicode-related bug, lol

I'm having mild fun taking the sentences in the Wikipedia article about pragmatics out of context

I disagree with The Atlantic: An article they have retracted and that is now available only in PDF should *not* count as one of the free articles they're granting me

Thanks, but I really don’t want to know the answer to certain questions

This would be used a lot as a “fuck it, I'm going home” kind of emoji

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I'm going to write to the Unicode Consortium to suggest that they include all the “graphical symbols for use on equipment” from the ISO 7000 standard

I just learned about the Slava medical watches that were produced in the Soviet Union and now I want one, even if I don't need it

Just look at this beauty

Covid-19, Italy 

We have never registered as many cases of in Italy as in the latest 24 hours, not even at the peak of the first wave.

It should be noted that, back in March, it was not possible to test all the people who were showing the symptoms of Covid-19 or who might have been exposed to the virus, while now testing is more accessible. But still, the spike in the number of cases is scary.

I love it when museums and archives add objects that tell us about the lowercase-h history and the zeitgeist of a period.

Even this box of cereals describes a mood:

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I'll never understand the logic behind the way movie titles are translated into Italian

I never say no to trying a picrew out

This one is by (CW: eye contact)

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