Gmail's upcoming self-destructing emails will require the recipients to click on a link and log in with their accounts to see the content, if they are accessing via IMAP/SMTP.

Don't be fooled: Google's purpose is not to give us more confidentiality. They want all of their users to access their mailboxes via the Gmail app or their web interface, so they are creating a burden to the recipients and calling it “security” to convince people to adopt it.


Pardon my French: they can go fuck themselves.

There is no way that I am ever clicking one of those links. If shit is confidential, e-mail is not the medium one should be choosing.

I have a well-kept archive of my e-mail since 2011. Only SPAM and newsletters get thrown out. Rest stays.

@h3artbl33d @miramarco +1. If I ever get one of those mails I will reply with "sorry, I think your email got corrupted, can you send it again?" 😅


I am putting up a webpage with why I consider those mails to be madness, setup a filter with an automated reply and route the received self-distructing mails to /dev/null.

@miramarco I dunno. Do they really benefit more by that than just having the email text in the first place? They can analyze it and use it to feed their ad algorithms either way.

@keiyakins My suspicion is that they want people to install their app, or at least access Gmail via their web interface, rather than using third-party apps they have little control on.

I mean, Gmail keeps welcoming me with an invitation to update and use their app, so I think that’s what their management is aiming at.

So, it's finally time to say goodbye to google. Shall not be too hard: AOSiP without google apps on my phone,
Startpage and DuckDuckgo as my searchengines, and
Openstreetmaps for Navigation. The only Email I still use for Spam and as fallback.

@miramarco exactly! Another non-standard feature to lock-in users.

@miramarco This seems to be a serious security threat - an awful lot of malware is distributed through convincing people to click on links in emails and normalising the idea of clicking on a link to view a message is likely to mean that more people, particularly older people, are taken in by fake links spreading malware.

It actually /may/ be secure. The point is so they can show you ads. Google’s revenues are falling as they are not the 200 pound gorilla in the advertising business anymore, especially not in the mobile field.

@gergely I did not say that it cannot be secure. What I meant is: They use security merely as a selling point for a feature whose purpose is to drive people away from third-party apps. Of course this is all about more control over their users and deeper data gathering for their ads.

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