This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will begin tonight. A certain number of people will livetoot it, including myself, and CWs are not expected to be used.

So if you do not want to see any related toots in your timelines, I warmly invite you to mute the hashtag for a week.

Similarly, I invite people who will livetoot the event to use that hashtag, so their toots are easier to filter (and will also show up in the pinned search!)

already blocked #ESC will although include this one now thanks for the headsup :)

@miramarco i'm here for it \o/ can't wait, finally an ESC from Italy!

@miramarco I don't care about Eurovision, but I am curious about the lack of CWs. Since coming to the fediverse, I have basically seen CW early and CW often. Stating that you refuse to use it in this conext, knowing some people will still stumble over spoilers seems counter to my fediverse experience up until now. Why is this different?

@ada Well, first of all, I think that CWs about the results should *definitely* be used. It's the ones that comment the show while it's still going on, that are usually posted without CWs. And indeed, most people didn't use them tonight.

It's because (1) we are commenting a fast-paced event, and inserting a CW is usually cumbersome, and (2) a music show is not a topic that requires a CW per se if the post is not spoiling the ending and does not cover other topics worthy of a CW.

@miramarco I don't get it. If it's something you require other people to block to filter out, then it's something that you know CW's would be helpful for. We don't use cumbersome as a reason to skip image descriptions. Maybe it's just a tradition that is the way it is because it's a tradition, but this seems so at odds with the rest of my fediverse experience regarding CWs

@ada My suggestion to use filters comes from the deluge of toots that come while livetooting an event, and some people might not like it. It’s not about the topic of the toots, but their number. That’s not something CWs would help much with, as they would still clutter the timelines, and that’s why I suggest muting the hashtag instead

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