This is a truly interesting and novel game. The action and goal in the game is to ask for letters and write letters to people who might struggle with something or just want advice or someone to talk to.

I've never heard of anything like it before. Seems really interesting.

There's a 20 % sale the next 11 hours, and some of the money goes to charity. And it supports Linux. So why not give it a shot?


@forteller It’s a nice game, I play it from time to time and it’s unusual that it has still quite a few people logging in and that, as far as I’ve seen, it has avoided being filled with toxicity. I guess it’s because the interactions are limited: one posts a request, another sends a reply, and the first person may choose to send back a sticker – and that’s it. Of course I should point out that there are requests that deal with heavy topics, and you cannot expect all posters to use CWs.

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