broad question about mental health research 

Sometimes I feel like I downplay the extent of my mental health issues when I talk to my therapist, because the very fact of having a session means that I鈥檓 talking to someone else in a safe space where my stressors are absent, and it is difficult to express how bleak my thoughts can get when I am in a different mood.

I suppose that this is a common phenomenon in psychology. Does it have a specific name? Has it been studied rigorously?


broad question about mental health research 

@miramarco if you find out I wanna know too, because it's something I've seen and experienced a lot.

The best way I've found to mitigate it is to go in with a written down list of topics I want to discuss.


broad question about mental health research 

@starkatt That helps, but there鈥檚 always the problem of conveying the mental anguish I feel when I think of those topics.

A useful, but tough thing I鈥檝e done with my therapist was writing down my thoughts while I was in the middle of a depressive episode and send it to her, unedited, with her permission of course. It helped me remove that filter and allowed us to comment on my thought process.

I will let you know if I find something!

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