People should never be edge cases.

If your system fails because a person cannot hear sounds, your system is broken. If it fails because a person has no address, it’s broken. If it fails because their phone number comes from another country, it’s broken. If it fails because of all the reasons above, it’s still broken.

Edge cases happen, but human beings don’t deserve to find themselves in one.

@miramarco The explanation that some people need about the virtual bar joke, with added emphasis on the effect on humans. Bookmarked.

Dev: <creates virtual bar>
QA: <orders a beer>
QA: <orders 0.3 beers>
QA: <orders infinite beers>
QA: <orders a lizard>
Dev: <opens bar>
Customer#1: <asks for directions to bathroom>
Bar: <explodes>

It amazes me how many people need that broken down for them.

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