This post describes precisely something about my brain that I've tried putting into words for a long time.


15. go to get coffee mug
16. smack head on open cupboard door 😖
etc. etc. ad ♾

@miramarco All the this!

Today is hovering between regular day and bad day. Keeping fingers crossed and stressors low.

@miramarco ho god yeah. I mean, most days are sort of "bad day" for me right now because we got a different sort of coffee maker.

@miramarco So right now it's

Remember that we're using Aeropress

empty aeropress into compost
remember I need a filter
put filter in
figure out how to screw the bottom back on.
Start water
grind beans
get beans into aeropress.
(Except I've forgotten every one of these steps at least once, including ending up with a perfect circle of grinds on the counter once and once tossing the beans into my waiting mug)

@aldersprig @miramarco this is why I keep using the pour over

though the number of steps there still varies...

@miramarco i have to think so damn hard to get my coffee routine under 14 steps

@miramarco it might sound stupid but I found that writing a list of really dumb steps, like you would tell someone helping you out to "get the pan from under the oven", and then just executing on it makes cooking much less stressful.

making a packing list for me isn't about planning what to bring, its about trying to use this process for something I find flustering: the prospect of Not Having What I Need

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