Okay, serious question: How would you describe the smile in this emoji? πŸ™‚


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@miramarco I use it when I'm trying to pretend everything is fine which just makes it passive aggressive xD

@erinbee That’s a good way to sum up how I normally use it

@miramarco I purposefully use it passive aggressively, if I want to show contentment or a pleasant smile I use πŸ˜„ I also hope that the person I use πŸ™‚ at thinks it's a pleasant smile though lol

@Juju @wolfie @miramarco I've heard a lot of people mention the passive-agressiveness of it.

@olivia @Juju @miramarco yeah I think it's what some chat apps replace :) with and so people that use it tend to be older but it just feels like they're been really unfriendly to me πŸ˜‚

@wolfie @Juju @miramarco hahaha i also heard people talking about the passive aggressiveness of :) though

@olivia @wolfie @miramarco I'm starting to realize that I should stop using that in work emails, then. In a professional capacity I'm actually not reading into it that much and I'm not using it as passive-aggressive. Only in casual conversation. BUT I don't know if the other PMs see it that way. πŸ€”

@Juju @wolfie @miramarco i mean, work emails in themselves are already kinda passive agressive

@Juju @olivia @miramarco there can definitely be miscommunication between people of different ages when it comes to emojis/emoticons

@olivia @wolfie @Juju @miramarco I've heard a lot about it too! And yet, although I can see how it can be used passive aggressively, I never use it that way either and the two in conversation are not interchangeable. For me it's more about having to pull the emoji menu and having to choose one or simply quickly type a generic smile and send it.

@wolfie @olivia @Juju @miramarco just a curiosity thing, what do you think about :-) (that's even older!) Does that look absolutely freaky and like a serial killer would use?

@safertohatethem @olivia @Juju @miramarco lol it's definitely what I used to use back when I first had a phone and we could only text, I'd probably just think the person was older and didn't get these new fangled emoji things πŸ˜‚

@Juju @olivia @wolfie @miramarco omg yes, my mom does that and way over the top too hahaha. Although I think it smoothed out a bit in the past year

@safertohatethem @Juju @wolfie @miramarco husband can't even order a pizza through whatsapp without using emojis πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ and he's only over 40 haha

@wolfie @miramarco same, gotta hope/presume the best in the absence of indicators to the contrary but i'd use something less ambiguous

@miramarco I wouldn't particularly consider it "genuinely content"; To me, it looks more like a friendly smile that you would use when thanking someone – be it fake or genuine.

@mezzodrinker Yes, it totally has that β€œPan Am smile” look!

@miramarco I can see it being used in every way but "genuinely content". Even if some people mean it that way, I am just unable to read it so. Also, I never use it.

@miramarco i feel like its more like a "threatening" sort of smile
like "its fine, youll live πŸ™‚"

@miramarco I've actually used it to mean all of these things, contextually πŸ€”

@miramarco this smile follows an asshole troll message 100% of the time or is sent to you by your grandma on whatsapp

@miramarco I feel like this says more about us respondents than about the emoji itself :3

@carcinopithecus I avoided that on purpose to make people choose their most usual interpretation of the emoji, the one they’d go with if there wasn’t enough context. Otherwise pretty much everyone would check all the boxes, which defeats the purpose of having a poll in the first place

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