Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles:

@miramarco Thank you for this! I need to crunch some quantitative methods before grad school!

@alexandria I have already downloaded more than I'll be able to read, study, and absorb in two lifetimes, let alone the few years I have left.

I don't really need "SPSS For Starters and 2nd Levellers".

CC: @miramarco

also a reminder that springer is fuckfujf horrible but take the free books lol

@pastelpunkbandit @miramarco Springer (Science stuff) is not Axel Springer (BILD).

I'm aware, but they still have a disgustingly big monopoly on knowledge that's usually hidden behind a paywall

+ they also do that fun thing where you make someone pay to get their study published in a journal and then take money from anyone who wants to read it without authors ever seeing any of that


@tqft @miramarco
Were you able to get the PDFs with this? I ran the script but every PDF that was downloaded failed to open.

@venko @miramarco I tested at least one I think, it was a while ago though.

Not near that computer now

ahh looks like springer changed how their captcha works so now you cant use the script

@venko @tqft @miramarco
Thank you \o/
It's still some work for Linux but hey.
And I need another external HD...

@venko Wow, thank you for sharing this! Saves a lot of time! :)

@miramarco thank you for this! Definitely going to grab a bunch of these, especially the LaTeX book I saw a ways down.

@greyor What sorts of things are you thinking of using LaTeX for? (I might be able to make other recommendations.)


@emacsomancer @greyor @miramarco latex is great if you need weird symbols and letters and formatting. If you don't need weird symbols and formatting something less explicit like markdown is better

Overleaf has good docs

Also be sure to check out beamer

@beegrrl LaTeX is crucial for more complicated things. I agree that markup languages like markdown as well as org-mode are great for simpler cases, and there are good markdown->tex, org-mode->converters as well (e.g. pandoc).

@greyor @miramarco
@beegrrl (beamer is great! I do up all of my lecture slides and talks in beamer.)

@greyor @miramarco

@emacsomancer @greyor @miramarco before I dropped out I used tex for everything. The matrix paxkages and functions like \delta were lifesavers

I do agree that org mode is easier but all the advanced features are difficult for me

@beegrrl I tried doing everything in org-mode for a while, and just outputting to tex. But in the end this came back to bite me: tex is just much stabler than org, and I usually need enough advanced tex functions that it's simpler just to write straight latex for most of my serious things. Though sometimes I start the project in org (notes &c.)

@greyor @miramarco
@alexandria there are pretty major syntax changes that happen with org every few years it seems. things that broke my org->latex workflow.

latex on the other hand - I got someone's MA qualifying papers from the late 80s which he only had in .tex format and they compiled without issue in 2020.

@beegrrl @greyor @miramarco

@emacsomancer @alexandria @greyor @miramarco yep, org mode's export is a dumpster fire

Pandoc is much better imho

@emacsomancer @greyor @miramarco i don't remember how to do macros in tex but I did macros in vim for common functions

I think kile has tab complete

Either way, at this point in my life everything is unformatted plaintext

@beegrrl I need to format syntax trees and typeset logical formulae, and keep track of examples numbers and so on, and so tex is really excellent for this.

When I don't need to do those things, I indeed tend to choose simpler things like org or markdown.

@greyor @miramarco

@beegrrl @emacsomancer yeah I mostly knew of LaTeX in the context of math. I did my diss in LaTeX since we had two choices of template; it was either that or a Word template, and I didn't trust LibreOffice to handle the latter properly.


Latex front-ends like Texmacs and Lyx keep you comfortable while having "Latex inside", so you get the aesthetics without grokking Latex, but can go "Latex hero" anytime.

@emacsomancer @greyor @miramarco

@miramarco sorry about that, my friends are just very passionate about LaTeX, Emacs, etc. Thank you again for the link and have a nice day!

@beegrrl @emacsomancer will have to look into those. I typeset my diss in LaTeX after writing most of it in LibreOffice, and needed Greek letters and such, so it was really nice.

I hear Markdown is nice but haven't done much with it. Never heard of overleaf or beamer though.

@greyor beamer is a LaTeX package for creating presentation slides ("powerpoints" as my students call them). overleaf is an online 'host' for LaTeX, including an in-browser editor which allows for multicollaborator LaTeX (think Google Docs, but for LaTeX).


@emacsomancer ahhh okay thank you for this! I would prefer to keep everything in Emacs really, I don't need collaborative tools at present. @beegrrl

@greyor oh, and overleaf's editor is nowhere near AUCTeX. I've managed to set it up so that I can edit in Emacs and push/pull/sync via git (overleaf has a rudimentary git 'api' to your documents). but if you have LaTeX installed locally and no need to collaborate on tex projects, there is indeed no use for overleaf.


@emacsomancer whatever really. I liked using it for my diss but I've forgotten most of the syntax now, 6 years out... happy to take any recs you have!

@emacsomancer thank you! Will check these out when I get on my laptop. I used xelatex and polyglossia for my diss, as I think I mentioned to you awhile back (probably nearly a year ago when we first met; tempus fugit!). Fun stuff.

I hope all is well in your corner of the kosmos, by the way!

@greyor things are a bit crazy (and when become crazier when the fall semester starts) but are not too bad all things considered. hope all is well with you.

@emacsomancer ahhh for sure. I hope it's a good crazy at least. And def hope you stay safe when school starts again. I am worried about all my teacher friends for the upcoming AY.

I'm well, been a busy week but things overall are good. Working 100% remote still but able to help clients, so that's been nice. Enjoying a chill weekend with my wife now. Glad to hear from you, it's been awhile!

@miramarco Thank you for this. I always enjoy a new textbook on a topic that I haven't explored before.

@miramarco Thanks for the tip! I noticed that they also released textbooks in German, so I hacked together a small script to convert all lists from the blogpost into Markdown:

@miramarco Thank you so much! I needed that plant physiology book!

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