Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles:

@miramarco Thank you for this! I need to crunch some quantitative methods before grad school!

@alexandria I have already downloaded more than I'll be able to read, study, and absorb in two lifetimes, let alone the few years I have left.

I don't really need "SPSS For Starters and 2nd Levellers".

CC: @miramarco

@pastelpunkbandit @miramarco Springer (Science stuff) is not Axel Springer (BILD).

I'm aware, but they still have a disgustingly big monopoly on knowledge that's usually hidden behind a paywall

+ they also do that fun thing where you make someone pay to get their study published in a journal and then take money from anyone who wants to read it without authors ever seeing any of that


@tqft @miramarco
Were you able to get the PDFs with this? I ran the script but every PDF that was downloaded failed to open.

@venko @miramarco I tested at least one I think, it was a while ago though.

Not near that computer now

ahh looks like springer changed how their captcha works so now you cant use the script

@venko @tqft @miramarco
Thank you \o/
It's still some work for Linux but hey.
And I need another external HD...

@miramarco Thank you for this. I always enjoy a new textbook on a topic that I haven't explored before.

@miramarco Thanks for the tip! I noticed that they also released textbooks in German, so I hacked together a small script to convert all lists from the blogpost into Markdown:

@miramarco Thank you so much! I needed that plant physiology book!

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