The new emoji for 2020 have been officially announced:

They finally included, among the others:
• the trans pride flag
• generic people hugging
• a smiling face with a single tear

@miramarco And an accordion which is the most important one of all. Who hasn't sat there thinking "man, an accordion emoji would be grand right now"?

@Juju Unironically, they added a lot of emojis depicting objects, possibly to appease certain advocacy groups. That would be fine in itself, but I find it weird that the selection of expression-related emojis is still lacklustre. Maybe the committee has different priorities, or there aren’t many expression emojis among the proposals they receive 🤷🏻‍♂️

@miramarco There are so many things I didn't think anyone would need. Like the ninja or a bad-looking olive. But I'm glad that there will finally be a hugging emoji that actually looks like hugging and not like a person doing spirit fingers. 🤗

@irieldescent Yes, they are! We can expect the major platforms to start supporting the new emojis in the next months

@miramarco very happy about the hug emoji that actually looks like it, and not like a shrugging smiley

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