Yesterday I saw this helmet, created in 1526-29 by Hans Seusenhofer and shaped as a fox's head, and realized that fursuits are older than I thought


Liking anthropomorphic things I think has been with us since before the dawn of civilization. :blobcathappy:

@miramarco and a decent (though exaggerated) shape for armour, that muzzle would totally deflect a blade

@miramarco and just as it is today, they were priced such that a commoner could own such a thing only in their wildest dreams

@miramarco Factor in codpieces & it brings a new meaning to getting medieval on someone's ass...

The idea of 16th century noblemen cosplaying as mecha-foxes is RAD AS HELL.

@miramarco you thought putting a skull and skin on you and calling yourself a nature shaman was unrelated???

@efi @miramarco wait, you mean fursuiting isn't a direct descendant of an ancient shamanic wolf/bear-skin-walking tradition???

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