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Now I feel like I should look for my name on the local papers 😟

Apparently 57% of the people who checked my LinkedIn profile work in journalism.

But I have never worked in journalism.

My job has nothing to do with journalism.

I can't think of any classmates of mine who ended up working in journalism.

Seriously wtf

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I keep wanting to be interested in podcasts and then I’m not. But here’s a linguistics podcast I might be interested in if I were interested in podcasts. (That might make less sense than I think; I’m short on sleep.)


Rule #1 of business emails: If the sender marked it as “high priority”, it’s not important at all.

(If the topic is actually important, you know that the subject line will speak for itself. The “high priority” flag is used only for self-aggrandizement.)

I follow the Doodle RSS feed and it's a pity that almost all the doodles are visible only in a limited number of countries.

For instance, tomorrow Google Indonesia will honour Usmar Ismail, who is considered the pioneer of Indonesian cinema. But why don't they use the doodle globally?

I appreciated learning about him, and I guess many people would do as well. Why pass such a great opportunity to put a spotlight on important figures from all around the world?

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via markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/

"It’s something so basic to your experience that you don’t even realize it’s a thing you would miss if you didn’t have it"

Actually got a little emotional reading this. What a powerful statement.

Kurzgesagt just published a video on egoistic altruism. If someone ever asks you “Why should I care about other people?”, show them this video.


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The Daily Mail's youtube channel has been banned for violating the community guidelines



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Time may not be money, but money is a medium of exchange between one person's time and another's.

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Computer programming:

1%: I have melded with the machine and we are as one with one singular purpose.

99%: It's a wonder I can even move the mouse without the computer telling me to fuck off.

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It’s the small things that make software / products delightful

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Lesson learned as a cis white man (and former internalized homophobe) who had brave friends and others challenge him over the years:

1. Don't argue.

2. Listen.

3. Reflect privately.

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Seen a few attempts to add "International" to #PiDay this year. Nah. Give it up.

The concept only works with weird American date formats, you guys. It's never going to make the same kind of sense anywhere else.

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There should be a catch-all term for all those household behaviours that you learn to do in one way (because that's how they do it in your family) and then, as an adult, you learn that there are people who do it the opposite way. Like:
• Toilet paper: Over or under?
• Shoes in the house: Remove at the entrance or keep them?
• Newly bought clothes: Wash before wearing or not?
• Cutlery in the dishwasher: Handles up or down?
• Cooking spaghetti: Is it helpful to add olive oil to the water or not?

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#Mastodon 2.3.0 is out! 🎉


- Search your toots
- Download your archive
- Intelligent thumbnail crops
- Pinned toots
- Profile media galleries
- New landing page
- No more ugly media URLs in toots
- LDAP, CAS and SAML integrations
- and many more things!

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Happy International Women's Day to the trans girls who aren't out yet, to the ones who aren't on E, or who don't feel feminine enough. I see you. You rock. You're amazing. You matter.