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Hello to all newcomers! I see everyone is doing again — mind if I join?

I am a 28-year old cishet guy living in , . I graduated in and ended up doing for a living. I discovered Mastodon though almost a year ago.

Some of the stuff I'm interested in: , , , , , (especially the oldies), (mostly nonfiction), , , , ,

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Good morning my friends! ☕️

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Try to memorize one constellation you don’t already know and find it in the sky tonight.

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Just wrote a long email to an Austrian MEP about #article13. I was actually surprised to get a response to my original mail sent via saveyourinternet.eu/home ! Great to see that some politicians actually don't shy away from talking with their constituents 😀


Okay. After writing and proofreading thousands of times, I hit “Send”.

I wrote to one of the Italian members of the JURI commission of the European Parliament, asking him to (and 3 and 11) of the new copyright directive.

Let's see how it works out.

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If a service dog approaches you by itself, it's trying to get you to follow it. I didn't know that until today but now I do!

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also #amaroq needs the “delete and redraft” feature

as well as a “copy link to toot” on the eclipses drop down to make things easier

Sometimes you really need to get those who make your life miserable out of your way, and I’ll start with those sticky notes that don’t stick to anything at all

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In two days the people listed in the document will decide whether to build a European #censorship machine or not.

I hope they are aware of their responsibility, understand the matter and are free to make their own independent decisions.


There are phone numbers and mail addresses. I hope they actually lead your messages to the intended person.

#DeleteArticle13 #Article13 #surveillance

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Bank denies Feminist group an account after hearing they actively ban Trans Show more

I was checking the website of a foreign non-for-profit organization, and they had a page in Italian for the donations. And they give out their “bicicletta” – which is the Italian word for “bicycle”.

I guess they adapted “BIC” (Bank Identifier Code) to “bicicletta” for some reason, and nobody double-checked 🚲

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the plural of vertex is vertices, so the plural of regex must be... regices

Good morning people. Have a nice Sunday ☀️

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The European Union is attempting to pass a new copyright regulation that will instead destroy the internet.

Article 13 requires all sites to host non-free copyright tracking bots, which will make heaps more harm than good.


If any of you is an user, be aware that it's time to vote for the new official movie lists: icheckmovies.com/blog/polls+fo

Two of the candidates have been added to the site by yours truly, but they're not my favourite ones – I'm rooting for the ones about Black and female directors, which would be a much needed addition to the official roster.

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Have a messy, messy, painting of what Pisa looks like during "Luminara", tonight.
I'm not gonna go near the river this year.
#krita #Pisa #Italy

As someone who has to clean his glasses very often, I am quite pleased with my choice to buy, like, 20 wiping cloths at once and putting one in every coat, rucksack, piece of luggage and desk organizer I use

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Me telling twitter engineers about the fact that sex workers used their platform & now can’t

One of them had heard of FOSTA/SESTA through a podcast; the other had no idea that sex workers used twitter. Both have now followed sex workers to hear their voices

I consider this good