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Hello to all newcomers! I see everyone is doing again — mind if I join?

I am a 28-year old cishet guy living in , . I graduated in and ended up doing for a living. I discovered Mastodon though almost a year ago.

Some of the stuff I'm interested in: , , , , , (especially the oldies), (mostly nonfiction), , , , ,

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This damn thing is brilliant!
Basically mental health pointers to think through and suggestions to deal with it if you feel like crap

Screenshot and the link is to the original tumblr post and a downloadable PDF

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“[I]n 2016 there were 107 fare-free public transport networks around the world: 67 in Europe (30 in France), 25 in North America, 11 in South America, 3 in Asia and one in Australia.”


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If your application localizes error messages (which it should), you should also include a universal (e.g. numerical) error code so that non-English users won't have to try to guess the translation to search for an error on the internet

I just stumbled upon a batch number ending in 0W0

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#bodypositivity #fat #bodyimage #health

*Sees a hint of positive rep of fat women in media*

"Its not about sexism, I just don't think our culture should be normalizing unhealthy life choices🧐 ."

Me: 🤔

Good morning lovely people! :blobmiou: Can you believe that we are halfway through October?

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When women make a broad generalization about men*, stop before you reply "but not all men".

We know.

There are two options:

1) Make the broad generalization. Some men will have to stop and self-examine to see if they actually perform the behavior being criticized. Self-examination is good.

2) Specify "some men". This gives men who DO perform the behavior the excuse to say "well they don't mean ME". Enabling failure to self-examine is bad.

h/t @gingerrroot and @c0debabe for the thought


Luckily for me, I often miss the monthly second-hand book market in this city, because otherwise I would be filling my house with hundreds of unread . Today was not one of those times though 😅

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earlier today, it took me eight tries to solve a google captcha



so when google and i disagree that strongly about which tiles contain traffic signals, motorcycles, etc... ONE OF US PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING RIGHT NOW

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Even Online, Be Good To Yourself

☣️Don't frequent hateful communities
☣️Stop looking at abusers' social media
☣️Avoid people who cut down others over their issues
☣️Kindness will bring you healthier friendships
☣️Spend time in healthier environments
☣️Stay safe & full of joy


Good morning people, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday :blobcoffee:

I love open doors events, where it is possible to have guided tours of places that are not usually open to the public. (That’s why I haven’t been much active during the day.)

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One bright spot in my day so far: I got to kick InfoWars off m.s.

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someone i know left mastodon cus they didnt get enough followers in a couple months and uuuh that's fucked up. it shouldn't be about followers but also you can't expect to get followers without also following lots of people. it doesnt really work here like that from my experience? this isn't the bird site.

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Happy Coming Out Day to everyone but especially the people who are unable, for whatever reason, to come out today.

You're no less valid for not being able to participate in a made-up holiday. Your health, safety, sanity, whatever your reason, is more important. Keep going and stay strong.

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