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👋🏻 reintroduction 

Hello new and old Fediverse folks! Let me add my contribution to the !

I am miramarco, I am 30 and I was born and currently live in . I am an ace, vaguely heteroromantic cis man. I studied math and ended up working with computers. Some of the topics I post about the most are mental health, , and relevant Italian news.

I also have a more laid-back account for casual toots, and you are welcome to send a follow request over there too: @miramarco

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📌 my interaction policies 

• Follow requests are good, but I won’t accept those coming from accounts without avatar or bio, from free speech absolutists, from techbros, etc.

• To keep my TL tidy, I don’t follow people back automatically, sorry.

• I try to check people’s bios and pinned toots before sending follow requests; apologies if I miss them.

• I block concern trolls and sea lions on sight, no second chance given.

• Black lives matter, trans & non-binary rights are human rights, aphobia is a real thing, sex work is work. If you disagree, go away.

Beware of those who treat the list of Nobel prize winners as a complete and unbiased list of the most laudable people in their corresponding fields

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The UCT (Cape Town) library is burning.
Rare/unique AV material and African studies writing are going to be lost in the fire.


To the best of our knowledge we do not need face masks when we are outdoors, but it's also true that they can provide some peace of mind by adding another layer of protection, so let's not blame those who prefer to wear them outdoors anyway

This is my grumpy, uninformed opinion as someone who does not follow soccer at all

It's funny how certain headlines introduce an article as an “explainer”. Like, aren't all news articles expected to explain stuff?

This is a very interesting article, and I’ll keep thinking about it for a long time: “Satanic Panics and the Death of Mythos”, by Aisling McCrea,

The main point is that our current zeitgeist is based on a rejection of mythos, intended as the irrational components of our culture, our knowledge, and our daily life, to the point that we prefer literalism to metaphors, and full explanations to the undisclosed.

I’m not comfortable with people who gleefully show that another user has blocked them, or that they have deleted their whole account. We keep saying that those two actions – blocking people and stepping away from social media – are good steps to preserve one’s mental health, and yet we make fun of people who do that… just because they’re the baddies?

I’m worried that when we mock people for taking self-care measures, we are just wrapping those actions in stigma. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

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re: transphobia-adjacent, sports, note for cis people 

Cis people:

Please don't permit yourself to be fooled that things like this only affect the exact people that they officially target.

This is one example of an actual slippery slope.

A bill banning young trans girls from womens' sports teams at school, doesn't just affect young trans girls at that states' schools -- though that's already far too many girls.

* It affects the cis girls who are their friends, and want them on their teams.

* It affects trans boys, weighing up the risks of applying for the boys' team.

* It affects nonbinary people, who understand they'll have to "choose a side" to be on a team.

* It affects adult women's teams, who will have fewer experienced players to choose from.

* It affects coaches, who now have to enforce a policy they might find soul-crushingly hurtful.

* It affects trans adults, who want to play sports recreationally, and now have to worry about bigotry being enabled and encouraged in their own sports communities.

Bills that target "trans children" are intended as threats to the entire transgender demographic. Children are easier to legislate against, as they have few rights for themselves, and there is a cover of their "protection" to hide behind.

What is done to trans children is what bigots want to do to ALL transgender people, and all non-conforming people of any kind.

Including you.

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I hate that most skeptical activism is limited to only debunking false myths, with all the remaining energy being used to mock the people who believe in them.

There is value in understanding why people believe in wrong things, and it does not imply that we must agree with them, ignore the harm they have done, or forgive them.

But understanding what kind of feelings lead people to adopt those beliefs is a key step in figuring out what are the societal changes we need to pursue.

🇮🇹 Qualcuno è a conoscenza di trattazioni (articoli, paper, saggi, etc.) sull'uso nella lingua italiana di sostantivi come attributi di altri sostantivi (tipo: “un cliente Vodafone”, dove uno non è apposizione dell'altro)?

So che in inglese si chiamano “noun adjuncts” o “attributive nouns”. Qual è il termine italiano?

food (in general) 

It has happened to me a couple of times that I said that I liked some kind of food, but that I wouldn’t eat it every day, and what the other person understood was that I don’t like that food at all. And it doesn’t matter how many times I state that I like it, they are convinced that I actually hate it and I can’t change their minds.

my calculation (nitpicking is welcome) 

The University of Cambridge estimates that Bitcoin requires 138.59 TWh per year. [1] WolframAlpha says that it's more or less 0.043 times the yearly electric energy production of all nuclear power plants. [2] According to Statista, there are 440 nuclear plants in the world. [3] 4.3% of 440 is 18.92.


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According to my (very rough) calculations, Bitcoin mining requires the amount of energy provided by 19 nuclear power plants.

Wait, today was the 25th anniversary of Seymour Skinner's unforgettable luncheon and nobody told me anything?! We should have celebrated with steamed hams

I will think for a long time about his short Twitter thread, which talks about our future reunions with friends: (CW death as what-if, Covid mention)

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Social media UX thought 

We need a different word for soft-blocking (blocking an account so it unfollows you, then unblocking right away) and it should be a direct action in the UI instead of a workaround secret tech

Thread deleted. I am not sure I was conveying my thoughts correctly.

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I have started playing Say No! More as a form of therapy for my people-pleasing attitude and… I did not expect it to be an anticapitalistic pro-union tale. The screenshot is just an example of the theme.

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