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Hello to all newcomers! I see everyone is doing again — mind if I join?

I am a 28-year old cishet guy living in , . I graduated in and ended up doing for a living. I discovered Mastodon though almost a year ago.

Some of the stuff I'm interested in: , , , , , (especially the oldies), (mostly nonfiction), , , , ,

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Aaaand it’s Monday. Good morning folks, I hope you’re having a nice one :blobcoffee:

It might sound a mundane activity, and it actually is – but the fun begins when you have something unusual to put in your luggage. That's when you have to say goodbye to all your certainties and start experimenting: Is it okay if I don't roll? What should I put to protect this item? Where will the weight be distributed?

Second time packing my luggage in a few days, and it won't even be the last time this month!

Good morning folks! Enjoy this Sunday, and happy Easter if you celebrate it!

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Good morning lovelies. It’s uppercase-G Good Friday today, but let’s make it also a lowercase-g good Friday! :blobowo:

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Uh, there's an abandoned tower in Valencia called Torre Miramar. Should I go and see it? :thounking:

Good morning, lovelies :blobcoffee:

It’s two days before Easter and many people in my office decided to go on holiday early. I am alone right now and I expect only a couple of coworkers to show up today 😐

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The poll is closed. Thanks to all the people who took part in it (way more than I anticipated :blobaww: ) and to all the people who boosted it!

The results are quite interesting, because (1) even though the percentages are wrong, the rankings of the four answers are correct, and have been during most of the three days, and (2) the main takeaway is that the majority of people did *not* vote for the answer that required the majority of votes.

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[Poll] Let's do a wisdom-of-the-crowd experiment.

If we were to choose a random answer among four, each of them would get ~25% of the votes.

But are we able to distribute our votes according to the percentages shown below? (If you can't see them, they are 5, 10, 25, and 60%.)

Don't cheat by using your alt accounts :blobamused: Boosts are welcome!

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Well, there is one thing that improved due to my Marvel marathon, and that’s the percentage of movies that passed the Bechdel test. But that’s only because several Marvel movies have just a few seconds of dialogue that let them pass the test, while still lacking meaningful interactions among their female characters.

Someone 👀 challenged me to catch up with the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe before watching Avengers: Endgame.

It’s messing with my viewing quotas: I am keeping track of the movies I have watched this year and count how many of them are in black and white, are not American productions, have a female director, etc., and all these Hollywood productions are driving those percentages down :blobscream:

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I want to see a captcha where people have to type the text they see in images, but it's text like "Immigrants are human beings just like me", "The color of my skin does not make me better than other people", "LGBTQ+ people deserve all the rights that I have", etc.

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