I'm fairly new to Mastodon. I thought I'd list a few of my interests as an , hoping that this will help me find like-minded people. Here goes:

@mirabilis I like how you're using your blog as an online commonplace book.

@chrisaldrich Thanks. That is exactly what I do.

I miss the days when everybody had a blog. They were quirky, highly personalized, and non-commercial,. Then FB and Twitter came along and so many conversations went there, instead, and so many lovely blogs shut down.

I hope Mastodon will help us move conversations from commercial social media back into a free, non-commercial space.

@mirabilis If that's your philosophy, you might appreciate the #IndieWeb approach:

Since you already have your own website, you're most of the way there:

@chrisaldrich Thanks. I hadn't heard of , and am encouraged that a group of people are working on this.

@mirabilis If it's something you want to try for yourself and need help, just let me know.

I'm actually working on setting things up so I can use my own website to interact with Mastodon right now.

@chrisaldrich Thanks, Chris. In what way will your site interact with Mastodon?

There is a Wordpress to Mastodon plugin I've thought about using, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea, or if I want to do that.

@mirabilis Ideally it'll eventually behave like a stand-alone Mastodon or GNU instance and be able to interact with them all. But until then it'll be nice to have bits and pieces of the functionality on a site that I own and control and have all the data.

There are a couple of plugins that will syndicate posts to Mastodon, but many of the other parts are a bit more difficult.

@mirabilis @chrisaldrich blogs have not disappeared totally, particularly for discussing tech/electronics projects, I read good ones regularly in EN, NL and DE which are still regularly updated.

Have installed the Ostatus(?) plugin for WP on my own personal blog but don't know yet exactly how to set it up to integrate with Mastodon, I also help moderate a forum which is now Wordpress based and both could benefit from integration..

I'm finding myself turning much more often to blogs than to Facebook posts in recent years, and am glad they carry on, and constantly retain a higher quality than social media posts.

Any specific blogs in DE/EN you'd recommend (tech or otherwise)?

@Pabo any particular subjects? the main stuff I look for on blogs tends to be about electronics (especially Arduino and other DIY projects) and radio communication), also there increasingly seem to be sites which are part blog/part "traditional" site (an example below is this one about retro TV/radio and lifestyles (mostly from 1970s/80s) in the UK:

@vfrmedia Mostly tech stuff, but culture, linguistics, history, geography, nature etc. are all welcome. I've come across a couple nice ones in English, but German ones are rarer.

@chrisaldrich @mirabilis
That's an interesting idea. I'll have to look into that more.

@banjofox , @sillystring , and I are working on a project to replace Facebook that will interoperate with Mastodon. I think it would be a good alternative to Facebook and indieweb for those who don't want to set up their own site.

I'm interested to hear what you think of our project.

@kd0bpv @sillystring @banjofox @mirabilis I'd definitely recommend you take a look at some of the IndieWeb stuff. There are a lot of new specs and pieces that can be far easier to deal with in the modern web versus supporting much older specs like salmon, salmon, etc. Even some of the Activity Streams pieces are moving targets with active changes lately. The IndieWeb is getting closer to having most of the big pieces to replace Facebook, Twitter, et al.

@chrisaldrich @kd0bpv @sillystring

Thanks. I am happy that people are working on alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

@mirabilis @chrisaldrich

Seems to be working that way to degree. It's a hybrid of old web and new web.

I dig it.

@mirabilis @chrisaldrich
I get the sense that most people who want their opinions noticed, at least in the academic and writing spheres, still have blogs. I use mine for reviews, and for essays that are too long-form for Tumblr

You like #language too, eh? What in particular interests you? Linguistics? Language arts (poetry, novels, etc.)? Learning other languages?

For me, it's linguistics and learning new languages. I'm currently learning Japanese, and have studied Spanish and Esperanto. I consider myself a #polyglot, though I would need to brush up on the latter 2 languages.

@dominicduffin1 Thank you. I like the Mastodon community, and am happy to have wondered in.

@mirabilis Hello! *reads your list*
I like #archaeology as a sort of academic interest ditto #language, I blog on #wordpress, I read a lot, I write a lot, I come from a family of teachers, and I like #nature, and the #outdoors, although they don’t always like me.

@mirabilis I live in New York, which isn’t is cold as Canada (or Norway) :-) But it looks like it, yeah!!

Oh, and I like #cats. A lot <.<

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