Mysterious Viking boat graves unearthed in central Norway

"Who were the two and why were they buried together, even though they died 100 years apart?"

It turns out that this whole thing was a PR stunt perpetrated by Innovation Norway. I would link to the article about this on, but it is behind a paywall.

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From the Guardian: "The 350 residents of Sommarøy in the land of the midnight sun are hoping to free themselves from the tyranny of the clock by declaring the small Norwegian island the world’s first time-free zone."

Bunads turn into battle gear

"Regional Norwegian costumes known as a bunad have long been a symbol of national pride and identity, and worn on special or formal occasions. In recent weeks, however, they’ve suddenly become a symbol of protest by women battling to preserve local health care services and maternity wards."

Extremely rare baby boot from Middle Ages found in Switzerland

Archaeologists in the Swiss canton of Jura have unearthed a stunning fragment of a baby boot dating from the second half of the 14th century.

Inland Icelanders Burned Whale Bones for Warmth

"An archaeological find shows that whale bones were sometimes imported inland to use as fuel."

The Memoirs of Catherine The Great

"Catherine II ruled Russia for many years. She also wrote her own memoirs, in a time when such writing was considered inappropriate for a monarch."

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