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#History: review of the causes of England's Industrial Revolution, which sees the break from Rome and the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII planting the seed voxeu.org/article/origins-indu

Denmark’s first Viking king printed in 3D

"Full reconstruction of Gorm the Old reveals a strange growth on his neck."


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A mesmerizing animation of the repeating elements of a medieval cathedral


The first part of this didn't grab me, but the statues are hilarious.

According to autocorrect, I have friends named Rock, Street, Sorry, Varley, and Kyoto.

What about your friends? Did autocorrect rename them, too?

Maybe giving little kids homework is a stupid, stupid idea.

Article: Rethinking Homework - Alfie Kohn


I was in a cafe, sipping my coffee and reading stuff. Some guy at the next table got up and left. As he went out the door, the barista called out "Oh bye, sea angel! Go fly away!"

This stuck in my mind.

I just got around to looking up 'sea angel' and - oh! These photos:


Thrifty medieval bailiffs accidentally saved Old Norse texts

"Norwegian archivists have found hidden treasures in medieval accounting records, including a slightly different version of the saga of Olav the Holy. Now you can see them online."

How cool is that?


The Charter of the Forest - doesn't that sound wonderful, even just the name of the thing? It's a historic charter (800 years old) that is all about protecting people's access to resources - making sure that the poor could gather wood from the forest, use the commons, etc.

Here is a fantastic article about it:

Why you've never heard of a Charter that's as important as the Magna Carta


I dreamed that Apple was selling external hard drives... but that each hard drive was implanted in a cat.

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@mirabilis We also lost the Wassail tradition, where you went door-to-door and people would fill your cup with alcoholic punch.

How the *hell* did we let *that* die out?

England's forgotten favourite drink


It's perry. Made from pears. How could anybody forget about something like that?

There was an explosion, and the fridge door flew open.

That was... interesting. Turns out the hotel where I was staying last night had put cans of sugary drinks in the fridge. And somebody set the fridge temperate too low, so they froze. BOOM.

Huge slushy mess.

A low beeeep sounds. What is it? I look from computer to computer, wondering what alert it might be. Or maybe I've left a phone on vibrate, and the phone is on a wood table that magnifies the sound just so...?

There it is again! Oh. It's a foghorn.

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@gargron Corporate-owned social networks that don't pay users for their content and data should be boycotted. You are the means of production, so seize yourself.