BBC article: 'Rare' samples hold North Sea-bed's Doggerland secrets.

OK, this is the kind of news I like best. It's got and content. What more could you want?

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"Library Extension" Helps You Find Books At Your Local Library While You Shop for Books Online

So now Medium is changing their rules, and so many who published their content on Medium are upset.

Where have we seen this before? Um, on every "free" service that is controlled by some corporation instead of by users.

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Winnipeg woman gives eggnog and gingersnaps to burglar

"The 17-year-old who looted her home has a new friendship with the homeowner she burgled"

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Survived shift with minimal mishaps. Not nearly as dangerous as Friday but roads still a bit iffy. My handmade pogies were very effective!

Dear friends on Mastodon: I wish you would not have animated avatars. It's so distracting.

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