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✨ ✨ 💖 ❤️ 💜 :purple_sparkling_heart: ✨ ✨
:smolblobmiou: :blobmiou: :patcat: :patcat: :patcat: :patcat: :blobmiou: :smolblobmiou:

going near a vampire presenting my neck being a cute mess for a minute and asking to get bitten

venez on s'organise un événement d'autistes introvertis personne ne parle et on dessine une grande fractale

subtoot tfw living in your own hell and having to share

one day i woke up and decided i wanted hrt and it was done. might have been a decade older at the end of that day. weird one

i haven't seen anyone cronch a pepsi before and i'm glad i did now


ah oui la polycule interdimensionnelle

i'm not arachnophobic my girlfriend is an arachnid

I love my gothfriend and my punkfriend so much :blobmiou:

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