I think I'll spend the coming six to ten weeks just gushing about how cool it is to have slimmed down to the Pixelbook. with Linux and Android Apps, side by side, and I have no want nor worry on even long trips. Wrote 1600 lines of code, half a paper, and played more RPGs than I have since the days of coding WoW Addons. Google did something very right.

Today's happiness: realizing that the shipped vim is compiled with netrw support. Nothing(!) beats `vim sftp://user@host/`, and even better if it's on a Pixelbook.

I simply can't get used to hitting the gym in the morning. I have to, else I come up with too many excuses why I am not going, but there's something completely wrong about showering twice every morning.

What happened to Mastodon? Weeks of nothing, suddenly dozens of follows. Twitter woes, again?

If I could have one wish, it's a light UI option. I don't like the dark TweetDeck look as much as clean white ones.

Maybe we don't need "another Twitter," but we really need a "less bad Twitter." And if Twitter doesn't deliver, someone else might.

europa.eu/rapid/press-release_ GREAT, Europe ends mobile roaming charges! Finally something positive from Brussels.


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