Interesting times. I'm starting to see bits and pieces of Twitter-style spam on here.

Advocates for the federated model believe the improved moderator/user ratio will keep things from getting out of hand. I'm on the fence.

Until now, the lack of spam has been mostly a result of this being a niche, obscure, tiny part of the Internet. Spamming it wasn't worth the effort.

As the Fediverse grows, theories will be tested! Fingers crossed.


@HerraBRE You're getting an impressive number of technical solutions in the replies. All the spam I've seen has been social problems -- individuals ignoring social norms or generally not caring about whether they are spamming. What do you think?

@mikeburns @HerraBRE One of my solutions for my instance is to force all new accounts to follow me, i get a ping they signed up. I follow them and watch them. Ive stopped a spammer this way.

@Laurelai I've watched you reply to them and been impressed every time. You come off as a fantastic admin.

@mikeburns You would be surprised how often people seeing that someone is in charge and paying attention to them personally discourages spam

@mikeburns I think the pro spammers just haven't started using their tech on the Fediverse yet.

It will be interesting to see what happens when (if?) they do.

I think the community as is can handle the small fry and badly behaved individuals.

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