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pedantry about the word "self-care" Show more

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if the tongue is visible for more than 0.8 seconds it's a blep, otherwise it's a mlem

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revolutionary politics, power struggles Show more

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Folks I just want to lie here and cry after watching the SU season finale because it is making me feel EVERYTHING

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sometimes i click favourite on a toot as a way to say somethn like: "i'm extremely shy, but please consider this humble gesture in lieu of a reply filled with wit and charm"

sewing! - and masculinity, gendering, misogyny, environmental pol Show more

At a poetry reading. A man, 80-something, ambles up to the mic. Unfolds his paper, looks out the the crowd, and gravely, calmly tells us,

the Hedgehog"

polyamory and the workplace (+) Show more

anarchist history, haymarket, uspol, violence Show more

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NYC Protest @ US Department of Health and Human Services Show more

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abuse, harrassment, how society treats women Show more

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USA, Indigenous Peoples' Day Show more

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Feeling some “eff you, Columbus” energy? Throw some cash to the Franklin Hiawatha encampment (homeless, mostly indigenous, folks in Minneapolis)

my dating life Show more

Sometimes I walk home through my backyard (aka Prospect Park) to find Janelle Monae performing.

Question from a friend: does anyone know of a fediverse instance - PeerTube, perhaps - that specializes in skateboard, BMX, MTB, snowboarding, etc. edits?

And if not, does anyone have an interest in one?

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