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At a poetry reading. A man, 80-something, ambles up to the mic. Unfolds his paper, looks out the the crowd, and gravely, calmly tells us,

the Hedgehog"

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Feeling some “eff you, Columbus” energy? Throw some cash to the Franklin Hiawatha encampment (homeless, mostly indigenous, folks in Minneapolis)

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Sometimes I walk home through my backyard (aka Prospect Park) to find Janelle Monae performing.

Question from a friend: does anyone know of a fediverse instance - PeerTube, perhaps - that specializes in skateboard, BMX, MTB, snowboarding, etc. edits?

And if not, does anyone have an interest in one?

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I really love how I can use a CW to say “here is a technical solution to your problem, IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT IT” instead of just “hi here’s 5k of text on how I have learnt to deal with this problem”.

That time when I rode a bike in the mud for 16 hours.

I made an Android app for boosting selfies and faving pictures of buns.

You're the first to try it so please be nice and let me know that it doesn't work using gentle words.

Please enjoy this picture of my face after mountain biking in the rain.

Yesterday I spent 8 hours learning how to ride a bike off some sweet jumps.

Apologies to all if I continue to hit trees.

Today I spent 8 hours learning how to position myself on a bike while riding and how to turn corners. Tomorrow I go back for 8 more hours.

Maybe I'll stop hitting trees after this?!

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